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I don’t know about you guys, but Halloween is my favorite holiday. This is my go-to playlist for the entire month of October. Enjoy!

1.     Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett and the Crypt Keepers:


 This is a classic!


2.     Black Magic Woman by Fleetwood Mac:


Keeping with Fleetwood Mac’s more laidback vibe, Black Magic Woman is different kind of Halloween song than the norm!


3.     Devil Woman by Cliff Richard:


 This song about a witch is super catchy and always makes me want to be a witch!


4.     I Put a Spell on You from the Hocus Pocus soundtrack:


 The original song is by Jay Hawkins, but this is my favorite version of the song.


5.     Ghostbusters by Ray Parker, Jr:


 This is another classic Halloween song!


6.     Superstition by Stevie Wonder:


 This song puts a little bit of a funkier spin on the playlist!


7.     The X Files theme song:


 This is an instrumental theme song for a bit of a break. I feel like it fits the overall theme of general spookiness.


8.     Witchy Woman by The Eagles:


This song is actually about a heroin addict, but it has a general theme of spookiness and a Halloween-esque tone.


9.     Thriller by Michael Jackson:


 This is a classic! Of course it’s on here!


10.   The Purple People Eater by Sheb Wooley:


 This is a quirky song about an alien that makes any Halloween playlist a little more fun.


11.   Disney’s Grim Grinning Ghosts:


 This is another silly fun song to liven up the traditional playlist.


12.   Poor Unfortunate Souls/I Put a Spell on You mashup by Vocative ft Rachel Potter:


 This is an acapella mashup of Poor Unfortunate Souls from Disney’s Ariel and I Put a Spell on You from Disney’s Hocus Pocus that is hauntingly beautiful.


13.  Spooky Scary Skeletons (Remix) by The Living Tombstone:


 Of course I had to include this silly spooky song!!!


I hope you guys enjoy! Happy HallHERween!

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