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My Experience with “Coffee Meets Bagel”

For the past two weeks, I have been using the app Coffee Meets Bagel. This is an dating app similar to Match.com and Tinder, but the difference is that a different group of men or women are choosen everyday; they are called a new batch of “bagels”. You are given a set amount of “beans” to spend on the “bagels”; you use the “beans” to like the “bagels”. There are also games to win more “beans” by spending “beans” or get a free “take”, which just gives you a free pass to like someone. If this all sounds complicated, it’s because it is complicated!

Making the profile was an adventure in itself; there was a lot to go into just one thing about yourself. They ask about the normal things like age, race and education, but then the questions became more specific like height and religion. As I was filling out the about me section, I thought these answers would used to help me connect with people who had similar interest as me, but that never seemed the case in the two weeks that I used the app.

The first day of making the profile was initial excitement because I’ve used Tinder and it never settled well with me, so I was hopeful for something new. I liked a couple of people (like only two because I had two free takes), and used the photo lab which was a place to help other people on the app decide which profile photo to use. Each photo you choose in the photo lab would earn you one “bean” which is essentially useless.

Everyday at noon you get your new batch of “bagels” and by the third day I had some likes, but they were way older and well established. I quickly found the app was geared towards twenties and beyond, which I’m not far away from twenty, but these people were either graduated from college and had a job or was about to graduate.

Slowly, I frequented less and less on the app and only went on to see the new “bagels” and if anyone liked me, which in my opinion shouldn’t be the only motivation to use it. I spent “beans” on some “bagels” and never heard from any of them, and the three I liked back, I never heard from.

I was hoping for the best when I got this app, but have been let down. Maybe later on this app will be of better use and more innovative for our time, but as of right now, it’s too much work and feels more like a game instead of a dating app. Until then, I think that I’d rather get a coffee and a bagel by myself. 

I wish the creators the best and hope they have a great future with this app.


Your local dating savage.

Katherine “Kat” is a freshman Early Childhood Education major, and a proud mother of two cats (Zena and Queen Bey). She loves cats and makeup; you will most likely find her at Ulta or Target searching for new lipsticks and eyeshadows to spend all her money on. Kat also loves reading and constantly has her iBooks open ready to read when the moment arises. Follow her on twittert: @katattack17.
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