Morgan Lowers: What Ellen's Number One Fan Is Up To Now

In 2015, one of Winthrop's very own, Morgan Lowers, appeared on an episode of "The Ellen Degeneres Show." Not only did she win the game of "Know or Go", she was also gifted $25,000 to put towards her student loans. Her Campus Winthrop was lucky enough to interview Lowers about her experience before and now that some time has passed since her Ellen debut, we decided to catch up with Morgan and see what she is up to now. 

 photo by the Ellen Degneres Show 

What have you been up to since your appearence on Ellen?

Since I have been on Ellen, I have been living the dream. I still can not believe that actually happened to me. Other than that, I have been focusing on my classes and working hard on the softball field. 

Has anybody on campus (or outside of campus) recognized you from Ellen?

Surpisingly a ton of people have recognized me, especially during the first month after being on the show. Random students would run up to me asking if I truly was the one on the show. It was super fun and I loved every minute of it. 

How has life for you changed since The Ellen Show?

My life has changed tremendoulsy since Ellen. It has taught me to always follow my dreams because if you are determined and persistent enough, anything can happen. 

 photo from Morgan Lowers Facebook page

What did you spend your winning money on (if you're comfortable with sharing)? 

I gave my check to my parents because I am fortunate enough that they pay for my schooling. I was determined to let that pay for a semester of school but my parents wanted me to give $1,000 each year of college because I worked so hard to go on Ellen

Have you heard from the Ellen Show since? Do you still write to Ellen all the time?

I talked to an Ellen employee a year after I was on the show, just as a follow up and to see how I was doing. I still write to Ellen pretty often, but not as much as I want to. School and softball take up a lot of my time and it is difficult to write as much as I used to. 

Have you been on TV since your Ellen debut?

I have been on TV since I was last on Ellen but only to do interviews in regards to being on Ellen. It was so much fun!

Did your time on The Ellen Show influenece your career aspirations?

Being on Ellen really gave me the push I needed to keep following my dreams. Having the goal of being a talk show host is reachable, but not the easiest thing to achieved, so seeing the studio and how the show works was such an awesome experience!

  photo from Morgan Lowers Facebook page

What about Ellen and her career inspires you the most?

I love how Ellen is so giving and kind towards other people. She is also HILARIOUS and the interviews she does with other celebrities always brighten my day. I also love seeing other people's reactions when they get to play a game on her show because I know exactly how they feel and it always brings tears to my eyes. I would love to be able to inspire others and create such a happy atmosphere for my audience just like she does!

If you want to check out Lowers on the show, click here!