Mom: An Open Letter From Your Daughter at College

Dear mom, 

Throughout my 22 years of living, you have always been my best friend. No matter how many “best friends” I may have my age or the boys who have come and gone, you will and have always been my number one. I have been so fortunate to grow up with a beautiful, selfless, amazing and cool mom.

Being a near 100 miles away from each other, no matter who small this number may seem, has been one of the hardest parts of college. Every day, from freshman year to now as a senior, I have struggled with not being able to see you face-to-face.With our crazy schedules, we both just don’t have the time to see each other as often as we’d like. However, please do realize that when I do see you, I cherish every moment together.

Going from this personable interaction to only being able to FaceTime whenever we get the chance has been a major adjustment and in my fourth year, I can tell you that I have not and will not ever get used to it.I guess you can say, you are my mom and best friend all in one- something not all girls are blessed to experience. I know I can tell you anything and everything even though we might not always agree. Even though we may not see eye to eye on everything, I do value your opinion and I care to hear your input. All your advice, whether I take it or not, means the world to me.

In the end, I just want to say thank you, but that doesn't’t seem to sum up to all the amazing things you have done for me. Those two little words seem to fail when compared to everything you have and continue to do for me. Thank you for your love, your hugs, your hours FaceTiming me and consoling me when I need help. Thank you for your love, laughter, smiles, lessons, and for reminding me of who I am even when I seem to forget. Thank you for watching me grow and for putting me in place when I need that stern hand and talk. Essentially, a simple thank you is just not enough. So, to you, from me, I love you.

Love, your daughter