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Mission: The Man Bun

Three words, one look, and millions of hair ties: The Man Bun.

In society today, the Man Bun is at an all-time high when it comes to men’s fashion. Celebrities such as Jared Leto, Chris Hemsworth, Orlando Bloom and David Beckham are all legendary men who have rocked the Man Bun–but what exactly is a Man Bun?

It’s pretty much a hairstyle worn by men with long hair who pull it up in a tight bun. There are many different ways a Man Bun could be worn: pulled tight together on top of the head, a small bun on top of the head with hair shaved on the side, bun loosely pulled together with strands of hair coming out or even a simple headband can be worn with it.

Needless to say, the style of the bun depends on the style of the man. We are all different, so why can’t Man Buns be?!

Check out some of these cuties around campus who know how to rock The Man Bun!

Rodrick Freitas ’16

Excuse me, Mr. Man Bun!



Ray Green-McCanic

Please don’t touch my Man Bun!


Joe Miller ’19

It’s purely economical, I don’t have to pay for haircuts this way.


Josh Rogers ’18

Bun so hard.


Christian Smith ’19

Man Buns get the huns!” -The guy in the pink Polo shirt


Alex Waddell ’18

These curls are for the girls!


Thaddeus Troxell ’19 a.k.a “The Man Bun from Yik Yak”

There are never any missed opportunities, just the ones someone with a Man Bun took because you didn’t.


Apparently the guys who are rocking this man bun arent the only ones who like big buns and they cannot lie!

They’re just the best. Period. -Nicole Smith ’19

I was into the Man Bun before it was a thing!-Margaret Coughlin ’18

I like Man Buns, but facial hair enhances it and makes them better!-Akchita Singh ’17

It all depends on the guy! -Camila Brito ’18

I wish I still had enough hair to do that!-President Mahony

Keep on being bun-derful, guys!




Hello there! My name is Tessa Benoit and I am a Freshman Fine Arts-Photography Major with a Minor in German. I was born in Massachusetts. Although I spent the majority of life in South Carolina, my heart will always be in New England! My life consists of Photography (duh!), traveling, swimming, German Fußball (Go FC Bayern München!), Classic 80's movies and binge watching "Friends" at 11:00 at night. Jesus is my main man and family means the world to me! You can always expect to see a smile on my face and a bubbly spirit! God bless :)
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