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A List of Influencers That Are Worth Your Time Watching

YouTubers are the way of the Influencer Marketing world. Which is something that I enjoy by being an Integrated Marketing Communication major. These are just a few of many influencers that I enjoy watching.

Emma Chamberlain 

One of my all time favorite influencers, Emma Chamberlain. Known for being such a coffee connoisseur that she launched her own coffee brand. Emma is also a vegetarian who loves grocery shopping, cooking, and drive-thrus.

Mya Benway

Fresh out of high school, Mya wanted to go to the University of Arizona but decided to take a gap year and explore herself. She moved in with her boyfriend in Arizona. Mya does a lot of vlog style videos, clothing hauls, and recently started a channel with her boyfriend.

Paige Secosky

While New York can seem hectic, Paige makes it seem like home. I’m a huge fan of her editing.  She makes her lifestyle routine videos so soothing to watch. Paige also enjoys traveling and takes us along with her for the ride.

Hannah Meloche

Recently, Hannah packed up all her things and moved from Michigan to Hawaii with her closest friends living in an AirBnB. Hannah has her own jewelry company and recently partnered with one of her friends that is born and raised from Hawaii, Ava Jules, in a new jewelry collection. She claims that her and Ava have plenty of more things planned for the year that she plans to stay in Hawaii. 

Caitlyn Rae

Living her dreams of doing her big move from Boston to LA with her boyfriend and some of their closest friends. She is vlogging her way of settling into the dreams becoming a reality. Before quarantine, she was known for her traveling vlogs. She even got the chance to live in Hawaii for a while. 

Lauren Giraldo

A vine queen herself moved from Florida to LA and recently moved to Arizona with her boyfriend to settle down. She does a lot of vlog style videos on lifestyle. People claim that she is the inventor of the 12:3:30 that is one of her famous workout routines that helped her lose a lot of weight after she shared her weightloss journey. 

Sarah Baska

After a recent breakup of a long relationship with her boyfriend, Sarah has devoted her time to figuring out what are her interests and passions. She recently launched a podcast with one of her best friends, Caitlyn Rae. Sarah is known for her story times and has done a recent video gaming series on her channel as well.

Haley Pham

There’s been a lot of talk about Haley Pham because she was recently engaged. The couple is very young and too young to be engaged for society’s standards. Haley has multiple channels and has been doing a house flipping series for a house her and her fiancé bought for an AirBnB. Haley also does a lot of DIY tutorials and clothing hauls.

Like I said, these are just a few of my favorite influencers that I enjoy watching. YouTube is full of influencers especially within your niche. YouTube also tries to put videos after the ones that you watch that they think that you might enjoy.

Winthrop University Alumna | Integrated Marketing Communications | Past Campus Correspondent & Editor in Chief
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