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Do you remember when in elementary school they made you write a letter to your older self. Remember how you thought it was pretty stupid then. Well turns out, it’s actually something great. It’s crazy to see how much your life has changed. There’s some many little things that we forget in our future unless they are written down. After you finish my letter, take the time for yourself. Take 20 minutes to write those small things down so in the future you can remember everything. Remember the small things, the moments that made you cry or laugh. 

Hi me, 

How are you? I mean really how are you, not that fake answer and smile you give a lot of people. How’s the pain? Have you progressed then where you were when you wrote this? How’s therapy? Have you stopped listening to other people and doing what’s best for you and your mental health. Now that I’ve probably made you cry, let me remind you of a few things you’ve probably forgotten. So go ahead and grab those tissues if you haven’t already. 

a man sits on outdoor steps in a white hoodie with his hands behind his neck looking frustrated
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Pain is temporary. It might feel like so much is piling on and everything and everyone is hurting you. But I promise you, and you know we never break a promise. It’s going to be okay. Those friends you lost, they weren’t meant to stay in your life. 

They weren’t meant to help you grow. It’s okay to be alone, that’s how you get things done. You went through high school alone, you’re going through college semi-alone, it’ll be okay. You graduated college, by yourself so you’ll get through this. Make sure any relationships you have help you, personally and mentally. You let too many people take abuse of your kindness, don’t let it happen anymore. 

I hope you’ve moved to the place we’ve dreamed about forever. How is it? How’s our apartment? Did you decorate using our Pinterest board, we had some great ideas on there. Are you working towards our dream job? I’ve put lots of hours towards it, so don’t let it go to waste. You’re a strong independent person. You have survived so much, so push through. Get to work on time, do your work on time. Make time for your family, they love you in their own way. 

writing in journal on desk
Photo by NeONBRAND from Unsplash

I hope you’re writing. I know we have stuff to work on but, hopefully with that degree of yours you’ve improved. Write about love, and family. Write about what others won’t. Make them uncomfortable, that’s how you get them to talk. Don’t back down for anything, because one day you interview some famous people and it’ll be amazing. Don’t worry you got this. 




Go write! Write right now. I promise you won’t regret it. 

Chyna Wallace

Winthrop '22

My name is Chyna Wallace and I am a junior at Winthrop University. I am a Mass Communications major with a broadcast concentration, with a plan to graduate in May 2022. I also have a passion for photography, film, and education which fits into my passion for journalism. I use my creative skills to thrive in my major, but also teach elementary school children in my free time.
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