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Hi guys! I hope you’re enjoying the articles this semester. This week was such a highlight for me because I did something so fun… I launched a brand. I had been working on this project for almost a month, it was such a fun process. I worked with a brand called Scentcraft. They reached out to me via email and found me on Instagram. 

The process consisted of taking different surveys to learn more about my style and scent preferences. I know that I wanted the scent of Jasmine in it from the flower because it’s my name and I wanted to incorporate the lovely fragrance of Jasmine. Simone is a scent made to make you feel empowered yet soft. Simone is a feminine scent made with a fruity, vanilla, and oriental combination. It consists of Jasmine, Violet, and Bergamot. I also created two layering scents JW39 and JW32. Both scents are different but consist of pink pepper, green tea, orris,sandalwood, cedarwood, and musk. 

I knew immediately that this was something so special, and wanted to kinda make it special. My roommate/friend Alexandira was a photographer so I decided to share some inspiration with her and book a shoot. We decided on a black background so the colors could pop. I bought a bouquet of flowers and we shot it in our living room. The vision was definitely brought to life because of Alex’s talent. 

I decided to post it on that Sunday, and wow… The love was overwhelming. I got over 400 likes and almost 100 comments. I was so surprised with the  love, support, and kindness I received. I didn’t know that people would think it was cool or even PURCHASE. People actually bought the perfume, with their own money! I do get 35% commission from each purchase, so of course that is a plus. 

I’m so excited for people to order, and receive it. I just can’t wait until I see people with the perfume on their dressers, bathrooms, nightstands,etc. It’s just so cool  to think that people will have a little piece of you in their space. This year it was just so important for me to do all the things that I had been putting off or was just too lazy to do. I wanted to put myself first and do all the things that brought me joy. 

I’m so proud of myself and just want this to be an inspiration for anyone reading. Don’t wait, or put off things that you want to do. I read this quote about my friend’s bed and it says, “ Self Love is Discipline.” Really discipline yourself to do the things you love. You are your biggest enemy, you don’t do the things you want to  because YOU stop yourself. If you see an awesome opportunity, then seek it. 

I am so excited to see what else God has in store for me, my life, career, and future. 

Here is the link for my Fragrance Simone if you’re interested. 


Hello, my name is Jasmine Williams. I am currently a sophomore and I'm majoring in Mass Communication. Other than being on the HC team, I also have a blog and YouTube channel. I'm a Marketing Intern to Winthrop Dining and on the promotions team for Winthrop DSU! I enjoy listening to podcasts and drinking iced coffee.