Last Minute and Budget-Friendly Halloween Costumes

With Halloween only days away, the stress of finding a costume is at an all time high! But don't be scared because I have the perfect guide for all of us ladies who are expert procrastinators, and expert shoppers--two things that leave us feeling rushed and making our wallets empty. #brokecollegegirl

College is definitley spooky at times, but our budget is by far the scariest thing of all! Making a costume can be quite expensive, so this one’s for you girl! Here are some quick and easy costumes that are also budget friendly and will make you stand out at any Halloween party!

Doe, a Deer, a Female DeerIf makeup is your forte, then this costume idea is PERFECT for you! Bring on your skills, open your beauty arsenal, and let the creative juices flow. You look doe beautiful, deer!

Twinning is WinningEveryone knows the “best-friend” emoji of the two girls in black leotards and black bows! This emoji is all over your texts, and your friends will be all over this costume idea! It has a minimalist approach and is perfect for you and your best friend on Halloween night.

Sweets For Your SweetWant something that shows off how sweet you are? Well, this cotton-candy themed costume is perfect for you! All you have to do is spray-paint cotton fluffs and make a cone out of construction paper for your head. Sweet how easy it is, huh?

The Addams Family *snap snap*Channel your inner creepy Wednesday Addams by dressing up in your favorite black dress, white button-up top underneath the dress, white deadpan face, and of course her beloved braids!

MedusaChannel your inner mythical Goddess by pinning fake rubber snakes in your hair! (You can get them from the dollar store!)

What an Awful Costume...Obviously we all can be antisocial--but if you're antisocial by nature, then this costume is perfect for you. The Grumpy Cat costume is sure to make even the grumpiest person laugh. Use some face paint (which you can find at your closest Halloween store or Walmart Halloween section) and put on your best unamused pout. I can promise you one thing, you’ll be the cutest grumpiest cat that Halloween has ever had the privilege of meeting. *Insert Grumpy Cat caption here*

VamanosDora, Dora, Dora the Explorer! Let’s take it back to the good old days! Go into your closet, or go to your local Plato’s Closet, and find a pair of red or orange shorts, pink shirt, yellow socks, and white kicks. For the backpack, all you need to do is go online and print a graphic of backpack and pin it onto your own pack. Easy-peasy lemon squeezey!

Holy Cow!Punny alert. Choose this costume for a simple/effortless look. All you need are some black jeans, converse, angel wings, a halo, and a white shirt with black dots (or black pieces of construction paper pinned on). Everyone that walks past you will be in utter belief by your creativity!

The Iron ChefIf you’re a foody, you’re sure to enjoy/understand this one! Get an apron, paint the element “Fe” on the front and there you have it! You are now an “Iron Chef"!

I--I--I--I Workout!“When I walk in the club, this is what I see: Everybody stops and they’re staring at me…. I workout!” Who wouldn’t want to dress up as Barbie for Halloween?  Show off your sporty but girl sides, and glam up as Workout Barbie. Wear a leotard, and just pin or spraypaint “Barbie” across the chest, wear bright leggings, knee-high socks, and the perfect pair of tennis-shoes. Perfect the look with a pop of bright lipstick, and tease your hair up real high into a preppy Barbie-approved ponytail.

No matter what costume you choose, remember to have fun and stay safe!

Happy Halloween, Collegiettes!