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Khloé Kardashian Baby Name Predictions

To put it simply, we just can’t escape the lives of the Kardashian-Jenner’s. Between their Instagram and Snapchat posts, their fashion and makeup lines and all the family drama, we’re constantly tuned in to see what will happen next.

Even though sometimes their fam news may be the only news we see on our timelines, we can’t really complain about it–can we? I mean, who doesn’t love keeping up with those Kardashians?! And, unless you live under a rock, you can probably say that you’re (for the most part) finally caught up with them…and their babies.

After Kim and Kanye’s surrogate gave birth to their daughter, Chicago back in January, and Kylie returned back into the spotlight after giving birth to hers and Travis Scott’s daughter, Stormi, the only mama left to catch up with is Khloé.

People all over the country are dying to know what name Khloé and baby-daddy Tristan Thompson are going to choose for the newest member of the Kardashian dynasty. And, just like rumors floated around the Internet about what the other names were going to be, the same is happening for Khloé and her baby.

So–what exactly are some of these rumors and guesses that people are making?!

Check out below!

“Honestly something probably like Coco Puff, Rice Krispy or Lucky Charm…or any other cereal brand, really.” -Katie Schreiner, University of Kentucky ‘18

“I’ve read a lot of things online about how people are thinking it’ll be a flower name just based on what she’s been Instagramming, so probably something like Rose.” -Frankie Schoning, Winthrop University ‘19

“I don’t even keep up with the Kardashians.” -Caitlan Walzer, Winthrop University ‘18

“Krystal. Gotta keep that ‘K’ trend going.” -Maggie Featherston, James Madison University ‘18

“Khloé has always been, in my opinion, the most down-to-earth of the Kardashians, so I don’t think she’s going to pick a totally crazy name for her baby girl.” -Emily Seraphin, University of Delaware, ‘18

“I doubt she will, but I think it would be funny if she named her Gina because she always is saying, ‘damn Gina!’” -Mary Will Showman, Winthrop University ‘19

“I think she said on Twitter that she was going with a name that started with a ‘T’.” -Kristy Campos, Winthrop University ‘19

“That’s so hard! But I feel like it’s either going to be a flower or a color.” -Jade Leeds, Winthrop University ‘18

“I think it’s gonna be something spiritual, city-related or something related to Tristan.” -Henley Castleman, Winthrop University ‘18

“People are saying that she’s going with ‘Trista’ for Tristan Thompson.” -Rebecca Watjen, Winthrop University ‘21

“Some reports are saying she’s going to name her kid after the fact that she’s so grateful that she’s having a baby at this point since she’s one of the last sisters [to get pregnant]. So the guesses online were ‘Gratitude’ and/or ‘Miraculous’.” -Ann Marie Langrehr, Winthrop University ‘18

Even though these are all great guesses, we won’t know for sure until around April, 24th which is the supposed due date according to Megan Decker of Harper’s Bazaar.

So, the countdown begins now!

Happy guessing, Collegiettes!


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