Junior Year Slump

Junior year slump, it can happen to the best of us. You're so close to finally being finished with college, yet you still have a little bit left to go. There are upper-level courses, more projects, more papers, more research, internships, and everything in between all while trying to find the time to simply eat, sleep, work, and maybe see your friends. It is a lot to handle and it can really weigh you down, so much to the point that you start to lose that motivation you had during your freshman and sophomore year.

So, how do you regain that fire that you once had? Here are some tips to help you get through your junior slump and to keep pushing through!


Take a Mental Health Day

Mental health days can really energize you and help you regain your energy and your motivation. Try to take one every now and then to give your mind a break, and to take a breather from all that you're doing. 


Do Something That You Love

Doing something that you love is a great way to re-energize yourself. Take a walk, read your favorite book, take a hot bath, whatever makes your heart sing. 

Get Organized

Getting yourself organized can help motivate you. Get out your planner and write down all that you need to do. Include important test and project dates, along with other important dates for work, clubs, sports, whatever you're involved in. Getting organized can often help us feel more prepared and ready to go. 

Spend Time With Those That Matter

When we feel overwhelmed with school or we start feeling our motivation slipping, it is easy to stay in bed all day binge watching Netflix (binge-watching and laying in bed do have their place in the world). A great way to refresh ourselves and boost our energy is to spend time with the people that matter; whether it be a parent, a sibling, your best friend, your partner, whoever you enjoy being with. 



Don't let the junior year slump get you down! It is easy to start losing your motivation, especially when you have so much going on.

Use these tips to your advantage, and always remember to keep pushing through. School and grades are important, but your mental health and happiness are even more important, never forget that collegiettes.