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Ipsy: Why Their Glam Bags Are SO Glam!

Calling all makeup obsessed collegiettes – boy, do I have the makeup subscription for you! If you haven’t heard of Ipsy you are seriously missing out!

First of all, let me get into the whole process of Ipsy and why it’s such a cool service!

Ipsy is a monthly subscription based makeup box service that costs $10 dollars a month, and you get 5 hand-picked products that they try to tailor perfectly to YOUR taste in makeup! Every month has a different theme that the month’s products (and the free makeup bag they come in!) are centered around, but all of the products that you receive are based off of the preferences you select on your profile!

Speaking of preferences…

Ipsy has an AMAZING twelve question quiz that helps them get to know your preferences in beauty products! As you start to sign up for your Glam Box there’s a little “getting to know you” quiz where they ask ALL the right questions so they can get your products right month after month. They ask your hair, eye, and skin color, hair type, comfort level with makeup, your beauty concerns, your favorite types of products, your favorite brands, your favorite colors for all types of makeup, your favorite scents, your favorite makeup tools, your favorite kind of haircare, your favorite types of skincare, you name it, Ipsy asks so they can get it right! This quiz is one of the BEST parts about Ipsy because they try so hard to get it right, and trust me, they do.

Ipsy has a HUGE selection of brands to choose from – and a lot of them are high-end.

Something that I totally didn’t expect from a $10 beauty subscription was high-end products like Marc Anthony, Urban Decay, Ipsy has brands anywhere from well-known names like Urban Decay and Kat Von D to more obscure (but still amazing!) brands like Meech and Mia, and even some inexpensive brands like e.l.f and Loreal! Ipsy does their best to mix and match your favorite brands withIs there anything better than getting a beautiful mix of your favorite high-end brands and new indie brands for you to become obsessed with for only $10 a month?? I don’t think so!

Need help? Ipsy has you covered!

Another awesome thing that Ipsy does is that they have tutorials and videos to help explain your products to you once you get your bag every month! I won’t lie – I’ve gotten quite a few products that I’m really not sure how to use (I’m looking at you hair oil) and the tutorials have been so helpful! They also post details about your product so you know exactly what you’re getting, and inspo on how to use them!



 Ipsy also has a points system that you can put towards getting makeup products, beauty products, or even a free Glam Bag once you get enough! The best part? Getting points is SO easy. You can get points for following their social media accounts, referring Ipsy to friends, and even reviewing the products you get in your Glam Bag! The rewards are also so great, and it’s so easy to get enough points to get one! An added bonus? Ipsy also does giveaways and has deals with brands so you can get these amazing products at a discount – or even free!

And, on top of everything else, Ipsy gives you a timeline of when all this amazing stuff happens so you know EXACTLY what’s going on with your Glam Bag!

I absolutely LOVE Ipsy! I’ve been getting their Glam Bags for three months now and honestly? I could not be more happy with what they’ve given me. So, ladies, if you’ve been on the edge about buying a makeup subscription, or if you were thinking about getting Ipsy, this is your sign to do it!

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