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A How-To Move to Canada Guide for the Disgruntled Voter

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

With Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as our political frontrunners for this election season, many Americans are unhappy. Pretty much every person has threatened to move to Canada after the election, especially if their favorite candidate loses. I am here to make those dreams a reality. Here is a 4 step plan to move to Canada… it’s easier than casting an absentee ballot!

Step 1: Figure out if you are eligible to move to Canada.

You may not be able to move to Canada if:

You have a criminal record: So you know, if you like evade taxes or…I don’t know…maybe send confidential emails from your personal account.

You committed human or international rights violation: Like banishing people from a country based off race or something.

Health: If you have a body double, you CAN’T move here  

Step 2: Decide what kind of citizenship path that you will pursue 

The most effective way to do this is:

Express Entry for skilled workers: This is considered the most effective way to get citizenship in Canada. You need at least 12 months of a professional skill, like teachers and stuff. Even though here in America you don’t get paid like you’re a skilled worker, here in Canada teachers get the third highest pay for teachers in the world.

Business startups or investors: channel your inner Donald trump, because to move in this way you need to own your own business or be a professional investor… nobody ever said you have to be a GOOD businessperson. 

Family Sponsored; your family who were smart enough to get the heck out of America during the Bush presidency can sponsor your immigration.

Refugees; because it’s not actually a question in Canada whether or not people who live in unsafe countries should be allowed to find refuge in a country safer than their own.


Step 3: Apply!

-Skilled workers; you need to create an express entry profile online which is basically just like a college application without the essay.

Basically any other type of immigrant will need to mail in an application, so despite all of its benefits, Canada is still living in the stone age.

-Don’t forget to pay the application fee that ranges from $550-1250…yikes!

-Now you have to wait for your visa to come in. It may take a while, so why you wait watch the presidential debates for entertainment. Conspiracy theories, yelling, twitter wars? It’s better than reality TV!


Step 4: Actually move there:

-Gather up your passport, Canadian Visa, and whatever else you need and head up to land of the cute Prime Minister,maple syrup, and hockey!

-Find a place to live

-Purchase health care; oh wait… it’s free in Canada.

-Apply for Canadian Citizenship after living there for four years; however, you might not have to because by that time it will time to chose a new president and hopefully the options will be better.

And there you have it! That’s not so hard, Eh?


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