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How To Find Friends Your Freshman Year of College

Congratulations! You’re finally a college girl! And though it can be scary, there are MANY reasons why you should be excited about it. 

Maybe you’re rooming with your best friend, a relative, or someone you know from high school! Or, maybe you’re coming to college knowing ZERO familiar faces.  #FOREVERALONE. And, while it may not seem like it yet, don’t freak out about it yet–this can be a blessing depending on what you make of your situation. 

Here are six valuable tips on how to make friends your freshman year!

School Facebook Page

I know, I know. Facebook isn’t exactly the hottest social media site these days, but it’s a great tool to find college friends. Almost every college has a “Class of (insert year)” page for freshmen. This  page is created for YOU to meet new people, ask questions and share your excitement for starting college! Use it! 

I met so many people on that page and ended up becoming BEST FRIENDS with some of them. This will give you an advantage of knowing people before you actually start school. SOCIAL MEDIA WORKS PEOPLE. Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. is perfectly fine too. Search hashtags. Do what you gotta do.

Tour/Orientation Groups

You’re bound to tour your future school once at least once, and there is a good chance there will be more people in your tour group besides you and your family. Don’t be afraid to start a convo with the other prospective students! 

Orientation is also a GREAT time to meet people! You will be placed in a randomized orientation group and spend every day with them. Get to know the people in your group, as well as your random roommate for the night. I am still in touch with people from my orientation group–they were my first friends at Winthrop and I will never forget that!

Residence Halls

Your roommate, suitemates, or neighbors on your floor are totally potential BFFs! Stop by and introduce yourself to the people who live beside you. You never know where a simple “hello” can take you! Your Resident Assistant (RA) will also have several events planned throughout the year to give you opportunities to meet other residents. Be sure to go to these events and put yourself out there. Another great thing to do is to keep your door open, allowing other people to stop by your room!


This is probably the easiest place to make friends, because chances are, most of your classes will be with other freshmen. There’s nothing like bonding with someone that is just as scared and nervous as you are. Forming a study group from your class is another great way to get to know people!


 As cliche as this sounds, clubs and organizations are some of the best ways to meet people! Whether it’s a sorority or fraternity, intramural sports team, or even the knitting club, join something you’re interested in! Not only will you have the potential to make tons of friends, but you’re going to meet new people that share the same interest as you! So, getting involved on campus is a great way to enhance your college experience.


It’s really common to make friends by just walking around campus. There are so many hang out spots on campus, such as: Thomson Cafeteria, Starbucks, Markley’s Cafe in Digs, Scholars Walk, Hardin Garden, the library, etc. You are bound to meet someone somewhere! You won’t know until you leave your room. 

I have made friends in all of these ways. I realize it can be intimidating to come to college not having enough people you know. But I can assure you that a girl who went from no friends at the beginning, now has lifelong friends. 

So don’t stress. Good luck in the friend making world, you adorable freshies!

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