The 'Holy Grail' of Tanning Products

Apparently mother nature didn't get the memo that this is the time of year that everyone wants to start working on their summer tan. Since she isn't cooperating I decided that if I wanted to start tricking myself into thinking that summer is right around the corner that I would take matters into my own hands.   After weighing my options, I decided that braving the abnormally cold March weather to lay out in a bathing suit was not my best bet for a nice tan. So that meant that self tanning was my route that I was going to take to be get tan skin. 


I have tried other self tanners before but had never been to impressed by any of them. All of the products that I tried in the past promised to give me perfect sun kissed skin. And in a way they delivered but there was always one major drawback to every self tanning product I’ve tried…they left my hands looks like I had just killed an oompa loompa. While I had always really wanted bronze skin I wasn't willing to pay the price of orange hands. 


This meant that I was on the hunt for a self tanning product that gave me nice evenly tanned skin AND normal colored hands at the end of it all. I began to ask myself if a product like this actually existed(and at a reasonable price).  I became skeptical but luckily I proved myself wrong when I found L’oreal Sublime Bronze Tanning Towelettes. I had heard about tanning wipes before but had always been to scared to try them but I figured if I wanted to find a good self tanning product then I needed to give every type a fair shot. 


After trying the L’oreal tanning wipes I realized that everything I thought about them before hand were totally wrong.  I thought that they would leave my skin looking super streaky but the result I ended up with was so even. With this product it is so much easier to make sure that you are evenly covering every area because there is no chance that you get build up or multiple layers like you could with a lotion. 

I also thought that one wipe was not going to be able cover my entire body from head to toe but in fact I had a little bit of product left on the wipe when I finished. 


Not only did the L’oreal Sublime Bronze Tanning Towelettes prove all of my mis conceptions wrong but I was pleasantly surprised by some additional aspects of the product. The wipes leave your skin smelling like the summer. I’m not sure how to exactly describe the smell but it just reminds me of all things summertime. These wipes were also so much more effective than I thought. Every other tanning product that I had tried took multiple uses to get the desired bronze color that I wanted but after only one use I got a nice bronze color that I was very happy with. 


I think it’s safe to say that I went from a skeptic to a believer when it comes to tanning wipes!