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HerInfluence: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, well known for her portrayal of Disney Channel sensation Hannah Montana, has finally found her footing in the music industry. With the release of Miley’s single Midnight Sky and her most recent album Plastic Hearts, fans are ecstatic. Cyrus started as a Disney star, but underwent a transformation that shocked many. It started with the release of her album Can’t Be Tamed. This album explored an “edgier” side of Miley. Three years later, Bangerz was released. Bangerz era Miley shocked many, especially the more conservative crowd. Cyrus definitely knows how to draw attention to her work and was willing to do anything to catch audience’s attention (including swinging naked on a wrecking ball).  [bf_image id="q7k3bk-6k9mxk-kd2w4"]

Miley released a few more albums after Bangerz, but none really blew up. However, she released a single entitled Malibu, that rose to the top of the charts in 2017. After Malibu was dropped Cyrus didn’t release any new music until 2020. In 2020 her cover of Heart Of Glass by Blondie became very popular on TikTok. Soon after, she released the lead single off her newest album Plastic Hearts entitled Midnight Sky. The song is all about self-confidence and independence. In my opinion, this is the vibe that Miley was trying to portray since the beginning of her career, but her Disney reputation would not let her achieve it. Miley’s newest album Plastic Hearts features 15 songs (including two covers and a midnight sky/ edge of seventeen mashup featuring Stevie Nicks). 

[bf_image id="xwwmvwts7t9jmv3z3h6hc3kg"] Miley Cyrus is a role model for everyone to not shy away from who they are. Cyrus posts casually on her instagram and it is very clear that she is her authentic self on every social media platform. I think that it’s really cool how Miley was a role model for girls who grew up knowing her as Hannah Montana, and she is still a role model for those same girls who are now grown up. If you need new jams for your playlist or want to feel inspired to be your authentic self, I would definitely recommend looking into Miley Cyrus on social media and all streaming services.

Camryn is a Junior Special Education major from Lexington, South Carolina. She is a chai latte enthusiast and enjoys all things fall.
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