Her Story: Moving in With My Best Friends

Finding a roommate in college can be a daunting experience to say the least. 

Prior to coming to college, I had heard countless horror stories from friends who had bad roommate experiences. Some of these stories recounted instances where roommates had stolen belongings, thrown trash into closets that were not their own, and even used the restroom on a desk chair that didn't even belong to them - talk about a nightmare. 

While I was fortunate enough to avoid any of these unfortunate encounters, my roommate situation still seemed to be lacking

Don't get me wrong, I've liked all of my roommates well enough, and I've truly enjoyed living with several of them. However, I was never able to find that roommate connection that I'd always wanted. I always imagined hanging out in common areas with my roommates, swapping gossip, and just enjoying each other's company on a regular basis. In reality, most of my previous roommates tended to keep to themselves, and I only ever saw them in passing. 

This all changed when I moved in with two of my absolute best friends. 

Before, I spent most of my time out of the apartment, and even when I was there I'd be alone in my room. My nights were boring and my weekends weren't much better. 

Now, the only time I'm alone in my bedroom is when I'm asleep, and there's never a dull moment. From spontaneous food runs, to decor shopping, to late night Gossip Girl binges - I couldn't be happier with my living situation. Simply hearing one of my roommates call my name to ask a question makes me realize how much I appreciate them. 

Surrounding yourself with people you connect with, people who share you values and interests, and people you love can literally change everything. 

I never realized how much a change of scenery and company could alter your mood, but believe me, it does. I hope you find your perfect roommates just like I did, Collegiettes!