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Guide To Insta-Worthy Murals In The Soda City

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

Tired of the boring brick walls you surround yourself with on campus? Need a bright, colorful wall to recharge in front up while drinking your pink drink in preparation for finals? Want to take a quick drive to a city that isn’t across the state border?

Well aren’t you lucky because we are in the know of the one of the underrated cities in the Palmetto State.


Here to save your young soul and Instagram theme is the BEST & CUTEST Guide to murals around Columbia, SC!!!


As the capital of the state, Columbia has a lot of expectations to uphold.  People have their negative opinions about the city, but it has its charm and is becoming a beautiful canvas for artists to paint on.  From the beloved oldies to the highly anticipated newbies here are the go to murals to check out while visiting good ole Cola.


Oldies, but Goldies

Locals will agree these are must see spots!

Location: “Tunnel Vision” by BlueSky (photo credit: @trevorqberry)


Location: Vacant Harper’s Building in 5 Points by BlueSky (photo credit: @alebon37)

Location: Sammiches & More By McClellan Douglas (photo credit: @baileyrowden)

Location: The Cigar Box “Fox” by Clay Wooten (photo credit: @jessica_magin)

Rainbow Explosions

Do you love color?  Then you will geek out at this walls around town!

Location: The Vista by Osamu Kobayashi (photo credit: @mag.claytor)

Location: Millwood Ave “Love, Peace & Hip-Hop” by Cedric Umoja, Karl Zurflüh, and Brandon Donahue (photo credit: @umojaizm)

Locations: Row Studio & Gallery, Pelican’s SnoBalls Rosewood murals by Trip Derrick Barnes (photo credit: @trip_art)

Main Street Finds

All of these are a quick walk from Main St.


Location: Corner of Main & Taylor  St. “Waterlines” by Josef Kristofoletti (photo credit: @vintagemiddle)​

Location: Corner of Assembly & Taylor St. by Milagros Collective (photo credit: @catsandchamomile & @mag.claytor)


SC Pride

Enjoy yourself while learning about Columbia’s traditions!


Location: Behind Five Points mural by Chad Brady (photo credit: @hannahcdavis & @ashleighlancaster)

Location: Lincoln St. Tunnel “WatermarkedSC” by Leadership Columbia, Michael Dantzler, and Keith Tolen (photo credit: @mag.claytor & @carolineclarkey)

Location: Corner of Sumter & Taylor St. “Dum Spiro Spero” by Alex Rusnak (photo credit: @kawcommunications)


Miscellaneous Hang Out Spots

Bring your friend, bring your fam, bring your dog!

Location: Cafe Strudel, West Columbia (photo credit: @mag.claytor)

Location: Immaculate Consumption By Daniel Andreu & Lauren Me’Chele (photo credit: @glennab28)​

Location: Trenholm Plaza “Balancing Act”by Paul Yanko & Enid Williams (photo credit: @roadtripkindofgirl)


We don’t just love these murals because they make excellent backdrops for candids! They add so much beauty and life to the city.

Click here to read an article from the Free Times to get some more information about the public art boom in Cola, SC!!  Happy mural hunting! #muralsofcolumbia #onecolumbia

Photo credit: @lakenhicks


BFA Painting & Photogrpaphy major at Winthrop University Instagram: mag.claytor Twitter: mag_claytor
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