Grown-ish: 7 College Experiences That College Students Can Relate To

As I watch Grown-ish every Wednesday night in my dorm room, I notice that the show honestly shows the life of a college student. Zoey and her friends deal with a lot of stuff most college students can relate to, like staying up late writing papers, going to crazy college parties, or even not getting along with your roommate.

Here are 7 college experiences that you can relate to from the show Grown-ish!


1. Meeting new friends in one of your classes.

Meeting a friend in a class is honestly a saving grace. Now you have someone to roll your eyes at during lectures, and a note buddy so you don't miss anything when you skip class!

2. Hanging out with friends after a college party.

There's nothing better than going back home with your girls after a huge party!

3.  Gossiping in your dorm room with a group of friends.

If you don't sit in your tiny dorm room with 6 other girls and gossip until 3am, do you even live in a dorm?

4. Trying to get the "adulting" thing down by yourself.

And then realizing adulting is hard and calling your mom every time you need something.

5. Staying up late talking to guy/girl on the phone.

Honestly, you probably lose more sleep stressing over one rrisky, late-night text to Brad than you will over finals. 

6. Staying up late getting assignments done.

If you haven't pulled an all-nighter because you forgot you had 2 papers due on the same day, do you even go to college?

7. Trying to be cool with your roommate!

Living with someone is hard, but trying to be cool with them if you hate them is worse!


If you want to see more of Zoey and the gang going through more relatable college experiences, Watch Grown-ish every Wednesday at 8 P.M. on Freeform!