Greek life: A q&a with a Winthrop University Rho Gamma

Recruitment, believe it or not, is slowly creeping around the corner! Every sorority is gearing up and getting anxious as they anticipate the date! Recruitment is filled with many emotions and it is for sure a roller coaster ride. But some of the most important people that essentially “sit with you” for the roller coaster ride are the Rho Gammas! A Rho Gamma is a sorority woman who is disaffiliated from their sorority because they decided to help PNMs (potential new members) find their home. So really a Rho Gamma is one of the most incredible women in greek life! They give up their letters to help you find yours. During the week of recruitment they are there by your side comforting you, hyping you up, listening to you… pretty much help you through the WHOLE process! So I decided to ask some questions to a Rho Gamma: KP Freisen (pictured on the right)

Why did you decide to become a Rho Gamma?

I wanted to see the bigger picture of Greek Life at Winthrop. I knew Winthrop Greek Life was unique but I wanted to connect and deeply understand the Circle of Sisterhood, that gave me so much in the first place. Giving up my own letters is actively benefiting me and so many other potential Greek women in allowing a special change to occur in our college experience, no matter what part we are at in this journey. 


What has been your favorite part so far?

The realization that even without my letters in a public setting I have instilled the true value of them, and I wear them in my heart. I know that I will forever be an empowered Greek Woman, that can always empower other women. 


If you could give any piece of advice for PNM’s wanting to “Go Greek” what would you say?

Find the reason you want to join Greek life, and understand that you will then find the reason you stay and it may be completely different, but all worth it. All the hesitation and failures do not define you and whether you believe it or not the best it truly yet to come, whether you are in Greek life or not. 


Is there anything difficult or hard about being a Rho Gamma? 

So far, I would give the analogy being a Rho Gamma is like the job of a star, we can shine or we be present but no matter what we exist and sometimes you just gotta remember that no matter what you will find your way. 


Do you recommend that people apply to be a Rho Gamma?

Yes, absolutely, you have so many realizations about yourself and also the core to everything related to yourself, and your organization but also the connection you may not have known to Greek Life in general. 

What kind of a person does it take to be a Rho Gamma?

Every Greek member can be a Rho Gamma because we all have our own story, and know what sisterhood is, and in the end your Rho Gamma group is just like your own sorority, a deep connection, and an everlasting memory, it starts the moment you let it. 


Everyone has a “why I went Greek story” what is yours?

I wanted to find a group of people who held the same values as me, and to know that I was not alone during the hard time of transitioning into college. I stayed in Greek Life because my sisters proved home is not just an object but it is a feeling and you can truly live up to words that your preach. 


What is one thing you are looking forward to in the future with being a Rho Gamma?

I look forward to running back home knowing I had an awesome group of student leaders by my side, that helped, big or little, with changing the connotation of Greek life as a whole, and withholding the value of Greek life on Winthrop's Campus. 


What is one thing PNM’s should know going into recruitment?

PNM’s should know that going through recruitment is indescribable; however, worth it all. You walk through that door and feel all emotions left and right; nevertheless, you will change your perspective on at least one thing after only three days have past. Always know that you are enough and to be yourself, and even if Greek Life is not for you, Winthrop is!