To the Girl That Thinks She's in Love

To the girl that thinks she's in love:  

We've all been there. We all have been so in love that we are blind to all of the opportunities that are just behind the closed door right in front of us. We all have had that amazing guy tell us that he loves us more than anything and will continue to say the sweetest things to "prove" his love.  

This letter isn't to talk you out of love, but to simply make you aware of the man that is waiting for you. The one you met when you were a young girl or teenager. The one who can't stand to see you with the guy you "love" because it kills him to see you happy with anyone aside from him.  

This letter is to tell you to try. Let go and let love take over. If the guy you are currently with really and truly does love you, and you really do love him, he will wait. Love will prevail.

At the age of 14, I met a guy that was super cute and nice. Even though he was cute and sweet, I was in "love" with someone else and wasn't willing to explore the other man. I wasted years because I wouldn't give him a chance. When I finally got a handle on my life, I realized that I didn't want to date just to date, I wanted to date to find the man I could potentially fall in love with and marry. Coming to that realization made me think about what decisions I was making and who I was letting into my life and into my heart.  

Once I started dating to find the man I was going to marry, I took notice and realized that all of the guys that I once found attractive were the ones that were seen as "class clown" or the "musician" or even the "athlete.” These guys just didn't appeal to me anymore.  

These guys became nothing to me. I realized that what I truly was looking for was a MAN. A man that would look after me. One that would let me be who I am and not text me 24/7 because he didn’t trust me. I wanted to find the man who would check in periodically just to make sure I was okay and not be overbearing. I wanted the one who took notice in the little things. The man who’d accept all of my flaws and learned to love them. Most importantly, the man who would fall in love with my family because he knows just how much they mean to me. The one who completely understands that my family is my rock and wouldn’t mind my relationship with my best friendship with my mother.

Once I found this man, the game changed. I didn't want to look for anyone else. He was the one that was going to be my forever. The one that I would do anything for. The one that truly made me realize what love was.  

My old perception of love: I have to tell you every second because I need to make sure you know and tell me back. You have to make me feel in love. NO! Love to me now: realizing that this man will do anything for me.

I don't have to tell him all the time that “I love you” and he doesn’t have to tell me all the time because we can show our love through our actions. Love is a decision that I had to come to make--not something I simply felt. It is a decision I have to make every single day and be conscious of my actions towards him.    

So, to the girl who thinks she is in love:

Have you found the MAN that makes you feel like you are a rare gem in a world full of rubies and diamonds? Have you found the MAN that treats you with compassion and proves his love to you through his actions and not only by his sweet talk? Have you found the MAN that you don’t just get butterflies for but you know that he will always be the one that you see yourself loving?  

If you have found this man, I applaud you. You have found one of the most precious gifts in life. You have one of the rarest things in today's society, which is true love. If you haven't found this man, don't give up. He is out there. You may have met him when you were 14 like I did, or you may meet him tomorrow or in 2 years. No matter when it is, hold onto that hope and hold onto that love.  


A girl that has found her rare gem.