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In light of recent events, there has been a HUGE amount of people discussing the live stream of April – a giraffe in New York – and her impending birth, but it seems as if this calf is going to take just a little while to be ready to join our world!

People all over the world have been joining in on this live stream and have been anxious for the giraffe to just pop that calf out. Everyone is either updating their Facebook status or live tweeting about how long it is taking for April to give birth. Poor April, all that pressure!

Because people have been invested in the live stream, they did not seem to realize that the Denver Zoo welcomed a giraffe calf of their own! The calf’s name is Dobby. (shoutout to my Harry Potter fans!) However Dobby and her mom are still not visible to the public. But thanks to the Denver Zoo Facebook page, you can get a glimpse of the most adorable calf in the world.

World, meet Dobby!

Photo courtesy of The Denver Zoo Facebook Page

Not only did the Denver Zoo welcome a giraffe, but so did The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore! Willow, whose name was chosen due a contest held by the zoo, is the first baby giraffe to reside at the Maryland Zoo in DECADES! She was born on February 6th and was approximately 6’ 11” (now that’s a big baby)

Photo courtesy of The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

These beautiful babies could not have been born at a better time. Dobby and Willow, we hope that you live a beautiful life! And if you’re ever in Maryland, Denver or even at your local zoo, be sure to stop by and say hi to these beauts! Let them know that they are extremely welcome and if your zoo allows it, take some time to feed them! They are the just cutest things!

Itzel Lara

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