GIFS That Describe WU Students Waiting for CFA to Open

Winthrop is notorious for its subpar dining options, so when students were told that we were finally getting a good option on campus- Chick Fil A- they near about lost their minds.  

When August finally approached students arrived on campus excited for a new year, more time with their friends and, most importantly, CHICKEN!!


However, instead of finding that beautiful red Chick sign and an endless stream of chicken minis, they were  faced with a tarp and a sign that read ‘Chick-Fil-A Coming soon’ and the most torturous waiting game of every Winthrop student’s life began.

First, we were told that we would have to wait until September 25th to enjoy some waffle fries without having to drive anywhere.


You start momentarily missing Popeye’s because at least it allows you to switch up your usual routine of getting a salad every night.

But then you heard a rumor that Chick-Fil-A would actually be opening early, so you just had to wait until September 10th now.


And then September 10th came around and there was no Chick Fil A.


Accepting the fact that you’re going to have to wait until September 25th, maybe even longer, for some nugs.


When Chick-Fil-A FINALLY opens, but you realize that you still have to wait for Chick-Fil-A because of the longest.lines.ever.


Let’s hope we can get some nuggets soon, WU!