Getting Back Into the Swing of School as Told by 30 Rock

Well folks, it's that time of year again!

It's the time for you to start buying new cute Lilly Pullitzer and Kate Spade agendas, it's the time to color coordinate your dorm room with your roommates and it's the time to adjust back to campus cafeteria food...ugh--but keep in mind that there are still so many positives!

You're currently reunited (and maybe even living!) with all of your best friends, you're in a place where Starbucks is just a walk away and where naps are totally allowed and totally normal.

So with all of these positives, how do we start to explain all these back to school jitters?

The cast of 30 Rock has captured our feelings PERFECTLY. Check it out!

1. You couldnt be more excited to see your best friend who was on vacation practically the entire summer!

2. You get to hangout with your roommates and be as weird as your want, whenever you want! 

3. On the way to campus you pick up your last paycheck of the summer and are like

4. You know you’re going to miss your family but you’re still SO happy about all the freedom you’ll get and don’t know if you should laugh or cry!

5. But you know as soon as the homework starts rolling in you'll already want to rewind to summer...

6. And you start hoping you'll do better than last year!

7. Ugh...early mornings. Getting up in time for work was hard enough, but now class? Bring on the caffeine!

8. You hope there will be a really cool themed party for the kick off of the year where you can see all of your friends!

9. But you're secretly hoping for a party because you truly missed the 2 am pizza visits to 7Eleven before you went back to your dorm!

10. Let's be honest though--we would still rather be ordering our pizza in and doing this while watching Greys Anatomy...

11. ...because socializing is scary…  

12. But you’re still excited to make this year THE BEST ONE YET! (and it will be!) 

Have a great year, Collegiettes!