Forget Valentine's Day and Say Hello to Galentine's Day


We’ve all heard of Valentine’s Day- been there, seen that, whatever. For many, February 14th is a sacred day for all those in relationships, but what about February 13th? Leslie Knope, of the TV show Parks and Recreation, coined February 13th as the famous “Galentine’s Day". So leave the boys at home (or in their dorm room), grab the wonderful ladies in your life and spend the day with the most important people in your life; your girlfriends.

Reasons to celebrate Galentine’s Day:

1.       You don’t have to be ashamed of being single

If you’re taken or if you’re single, who cares? This day is not exclusive to those in relationships. There’s no reason to be sad about not having a guy, because you have the best friends in the world to spend the day with.

2.       There’s no one to impress

Your girls already know everything about you, the good and the bad. So sit back and relax. This is a day where you can let your guard down and simply be yourself around the people who love you either way.

3.       It’s a lot more fun than Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a lot of work. There’s a lot of pressure to have the "perfect" day. Galentine’s Day is having none of that mess. You’re spending the day with the girls. There’s no stress and definitely no expectations.

4.       Friendships are forever

Relationships come and go, but your best friends are forever. You may even have just let someone go or been dumped by someone. But you know what “ship” tends to stand strong even through all the heart breaks? Friendship. Spend the day with those who are in your life to stay.

5.       Woman power is better than anything

While you’re having a great time with your girls, you’re also kind of sticking it to the man. Celebrate the strong women in your life. Finally, a day when boys aren’t necessary (though they’ll probably try to include themselves somehow).

Ways to celebrate Galentine’s Day:

1.       Plan a chill day with your girls

You can hit up Starbucks and then retreat to someone's dorm or apartment for the rest of the day. Netflix has plenty of romantic comedies in stock to fill the day, but with all the girls around, you’ll probably have enough choices from all of your personal collections. Plus, you can jam all day in your pajamas. Go ahead and play the new Taylor Swift CD all day, your girls won't judge you for it, heck, they’ll even insist.

2.       Shower each other with cute gifts

Boys are so hard to shop for. Do they even need things? Do you get them a watch even though they already have one? Two watches seem a little pointless right? But no fear, you definitely already know what your girls love and want. So if your best friend's birthday is too far away, go on and buy that gift you were itching to get her!

3.       Hit the town with your besties

Charlotte’s right next door, and who is better to go out with than your girls? Put on those cute dresses you’ve been waiting to wear and spend the night showering each other with compliments. Forget the pressure of being with boys or trying to impress a guy. This night is about how hot you and all your friends are and how much your feet are going to hurt after you’ve danced the night away.

So go forth and celebrate Galentine's Day. You deserve it!