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The Five Days of Finals: 2017 Holiday Survival Kit

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

The week we all dread the most is here: FINALS. Even the word itself makes us all cringe.

There’s always seems to be so much to do for finals—and we aren’t just only talking about preparing for the test. There’s always preparation for other things too, like getting pencils and pens and bluebooks and picking out an outfit for a presentation or putting together a last minute project…so sometimes, it’s easy to lose track with all the items we may need throughout the week.

Luckily, Her Campus saved us with their awesome 2017 Holiday Survival Kit to remind us of a few things we need in this hectic preparation for finals. So, refer to this list to avoid having a last minute finals freak-out.

If you need a comfortable shirt to take your test in…

There’s the saying, “Dress up, A plus,” but if we don’t even have the energy throughout the semester to dress up, then forget about dressing up for finals week. Instead, we’d rather go to the test in a light, loose shirt that allows us to breathe and be comfortable while bubbling in answers. Something like the #ActuallySheCan + Le Motto shirts are PERFECT. Not only are they soft, but they’re adorable and have awesome, motivational sayings on it.

If you got no sleep the night before…

It’s safe to say that sleep is non-existent during finals week. Long hours at the library throughout the semester don’t compare to the long hours at the library during finals week. Between staring at a book all night or re-reading the same sentence over and over again will make your eyes (and your brain!) hurt. Thankfully, there’s the perfect solution (no pun intended!) for that.

The Alba Botanica® is a brand that makes a “fast fix for puffy eyes” with the product “Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes Cooling Eye-Revive Gel,” which is made with 100% vegetarian ingredients. It’s small enough to fit in your pencil case or your purse so you can easily apply it during those long hours. Not only will it make the puffiness go away, but it’s cooling and energizing! You can’t head to the library without this!

If you have a presentation you need to look nice for…

Whether or not you want to change out of your leggings and your #ActuallySheCan + Le Motto shirt, you sometimes have to for finals week. Presentations are tough, and finding an outfit that’s professional enough to wear for it is tougher. Luckily, Tarte Cosmetics is there to help put the final touches on your outfits. Between the Tarteist™ PRO Palette with 20 different shades to choose from and the Lights, Camera, Lashes™ that make your lashes look full and lush, your professor will be so in awe with how beautiful you look that your presentation is a shoe-in.

If you forgot to make a poster to go along with your final project…

Posters are fun to make; making posters last minute are not. Whether you’re a science major or a theatre major, it’s probably not likely that you need glue for a lot of homework assignments—especially with everything being online nowadays—so there’s no need to go out and buy a big bottle of glue. Thankfully, Krazy Glue just created the most adorable (and durable!) all-purpose glue that comes in a tiny bottle perfect for one-time uses.

So, instead of buying a bottle that will dry up after you’re done making your poster, these little Krazy Glue All Purpose Singles make it so that you won’t be wasting or drying out your glue. You must get this just to save yourself some last minute stress and save yourself from some last minute gluing needs!

If you need an extra boost on memorization for those French vocab words…

It’s scientifically proven and known as the “Proust Effect” that memory is enhanced with smell. According to the webpage “BrainScape”, “The connection between smell and memory happens to be a directly physical one. The olfactory bulb in the brain is only two neuronal synapses removed from the amygdala, and three synapses away from the hippocampus. This nearness links the emotional brain to the smell receptors more closely than to any other sense.”

Okay, so what does this all mean?!

It basically means that if you study with a certain scent and then smell that same scent while you’re taking the test, your memory will be enhanced because it’s recognizing a similar “environment” to when you first retained information.

And now what does THAT all mean?

It means that you should go out and get yourself some delicious smelling lotion made by “Being by Sanctuary” to help connect your olfactory sense and your hippocampus! Our favorite scents from Being are “Salted Caramel & Macadamia Hand Cream”, and “Cloudberry & Lychee Blossom Hand Cream.” They come in small bottles that are perfect for storing in your backpack so you can reapply right before taking your final.

So between Krazy Glue to put the finishing touches on your projects and Tarte Cosmetics to put the finishing touches on your presentation outfit, you seem to be all set for finals! And now that you have your random-list-of-items-to-prepare-with, don’t be forgetting the important list of preparation items–like note cards and pencils and pens.

No matter how you study or how you prepare, you know you’re going to kill these finals!

Be confident, Collegiettes and remember that Her Campus is always here if you need more tips to kick those finals butts!

HCXO and have a safe and merry holiday!  

Emily Murphy has been with Her Campus Media since 2018, and is currently the Branded Content Associate. She was the Campus Correspondent and Editor/President at her chapter at Winthrop University for four years, but has had a passion for all things writing since she was young. When she's not scribbling ideas down for her next branded article, she's watching reruns of Seinfeld while scrolling Pinterest for apartment inspo. Follow her on Instagram at @emilysmurfy