Finals Week, As Told By "Jane The Virgin"

When finals get you down, you tend to try to find solace in literally any place you can. Chances are, you’re binge-watching a TV show while putting off your mountains of work. One of the best ones to watch is Jane The Virgin, which is full of parallels to your life during finals week.

1. When your professor says the final is not multiple choice:

2. You, after studying for a solid 7.5 minutes:

3. Trying to answer questions about stuff from the first part of the semester:

4. When your smart friend gets stuck on a question that you answered correctly:

5. Trying to squeeze in last minute studying on your way to your exam:

6. When you get a look at that cumulative study guide:

7. When your professor offers really easy extra credit:

8. When your friends roast you in your study groups:

9. Telling your parents about your final grades this semester, even though you told them you'd improve after midterms:

10. When someone in your study group doesn't pull their weight:

11. When you get *most* of the questions right on the study guide:

12. Your thoughts when you should've been paying attention all semester:

13. "My grades are A, A, B, C...


14. Re-selling your textbooks at the end of the semester:

15. The final moments before your exam:

16. That *one* friend:

17. "Is there anything causing you stress other than finals?"

18. When you get your grade back and it's better than you expected:

19. You, heading back to your dorm after your last exam:

20. And when you finally get to go home!

You can do it, Collegiettes! Here's Rafael Solano in a suit to keep you motivated!