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Fall in Love with You: Five Ways to Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has become either incredibly loved or incredibly despised depending on a person’s relationship status. February 14th is primarily seen as a day to celebrate romantic love, and anyone without a romantic partner is simply out of luck.

Why don’t we change the stigma?  Valentine’s Day is a chance to express love, so let’s express it for ourselves. We can love ourselves more than any man ever could. Here are five ways to show yourself some love!


1. Take a hot bath.

Go to your nearest LUSH, Bath and Body Works, or Earthfare and buy yourself a variety of supplies to make your bath the envy of women everywhere. Most stores sell a wide variety of bath bombs, bubble baths and bars, essential oils, or bath salts. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to start a relaxation collection!


2. Eat something bad for you.

Who needs a man to eat chocolate? Whether it’s in a heart-shaped box or a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, a girl can never go wrong with sweets. Give up your diet for a night and enjoy some junk food. Eat some potato chips, go to Taco Bell, or buy yourself some ice cream! You deserve it.


3. Buy yourself that present you’ve had your eye on forever.

We all have that one item that’s been sitting in our shopping cart, our notes, or the photo album on our phone forever. It’s time to hit “Check out” and treat yourself. Who said a girl can’t buy herself a present every now and then?


4. Plant your own flowers.

Buy a little pot, some soil, and a package of seeds from your nearest Walmart or Lowe’s. You won’t have the flowers to immediately brighten up your living room, but you’ll appreciate them even more in the long run. Flowers you plant with your own two hands will last so much longer and seem even more beautiful than ones that were store bought.


5. Celebrate Galentine’s Day with your girls.

Show your friends how much you care! Plan an outing to a nice restaurant to celebrate your love for each other. Get dressed up! Take cute pictures! Make memories together! That's what really counts.


Collegiettes, be your own Valentine this year. Take yourself out to dinner! Treat yourself! Make yourself happy because you deserve a lot of love.

Biology and Spanish major. Winthrop University Honors 2020. Peer Tutor. Succulent enthusiast. Dog lover.
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