The Excitement of Taking a Little as Told by Tina Fey

It's that time of year again! All the recruitment excitement has died down, and you're slowly coming back to reality from Sorority Land, but there's still one more piece of business to take care of... GETTING YOUR LITTLE. Your sweet little, the little sister that you ACTUALLY want to share clothes with and don't mind when she borrows all of your things because she's your little sister. You cant wait to take her out for dinner and get matching shirts, and the week leading up to reveal is the most nerve-wracking week (other than rush week). And with all the excitment, Tina Fey explains all the feelings of waiting to take a little sister perfectly:

When you get told you’re taking a little

… And then you’re told you can take twins

When your big tries to make a joke about taking another little

And you think about having to compete with someone else for her love

But then she says shes just kidding and that you’re her one and only

With your best friend waiting for reveal

And you're thinking of all the cute pictures you and your future little will take

You can't WAIT to show off your new little this weekend

And you FINALLY get her and it's the most glorious moment of your life

A sister is worth one thousand friends. So keep your eyes and options open as your meet the new members in your sorority!

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