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You know what’s coming don’t you? We’re pretty sure you have a good idea that Finals Week is upon us. Here is a list of study-ruining memes that describe any exam or finals week perfectly in order to make you laugh out loud and cry a little bit as well. 

Classes are over! We’re done for the semester! 



But, then you realize that final exams have still yet to come.



You have that one friend that is super prepared and is trying to be supportive. 



And all you can think about is hating them for their super upbeat attitude.



But, you finally convince yourself to study. Hey! Some cramming is better than no cramming, right?!



But, of course, a study break comes around and you lose all of your focus. 



When you finally get back to studying and you just can’t muster up the energy to care if you pass or fail.



You try to answer a question on the study guide without looking it up.



Hope comes riding in like a shining white knight in the form of some really weird connection that no one else will get! (OMG, let’s transform all of the vocabulary words into a song!)



As the night goes on…and on… and on some more… you start to question your everything you have ever known….EVER. 


For some reason, your body chooses finals week to take you on a rollercoaster of emotion. 




You keep trying to tell yourself that you’ll be fine. But, deep down you can’t help but feel like this explosion of stress is about to take you out. 



Yet, you pause to think about what would happen if you just went to bed. You almost have yourself convinced that you’ve done enough work. ALMOST!



But, you just can’t lie to yourself. So, you grab another cup of coffee.



You’re brain hurts. You can’t take the studying anymore. So. Much. Knowledge. 



Finally, you crawl into bed…a mere few hours before your first exam and you hope and you pray that you did enough. 



You get to your first exam. 




Then you’re out and you kind of feel like you don’t know what just happened. 



The rest of finals week passes in a blur of stress and last minute studying. 



Finally, it’s over. It’s done, and you have survived. 



Whether you stressed too much or you didn’t stress enough, the point is that finals are over and all that is left to do is pray. Either way, summer is here and it is time for celebration! 



University: Winthrop Major: English, Literature and LanguageMinor: Professional WritingDream: Young Adult Novelist. University Professor. Female Version of Indiana Jones. Rich. Successful. Well-Traveled. Foster/Adoptive Mom. Life Motto: "To die would be an awfully big adventure, but to live would be an even greater one." --Peter Pan, J.M. BarrieLife Goal: To be happy and make other people happy. To do what I love. To help others find their passion.  
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