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Emily Murphy: Future Her Campus at Winthrop President


Fairfield, CT

Major/ Minor
Mass Communication major, Creative Writing minor 


Why did you choose Winthrop? 

It’s kind of a random story! My grandfather was an English professor at Furman University and so my older brother wanted to go there for college. When it was my turn to look at schools, I asked him for advice, and he told me to get away from home like he did. Because I saw how much he loved going to Furman, I decided to look at schools in South Carolina as well! At the time, I thought I wanted to be a teacher and Winthrop’s education program is amazing. So, I settled on Winthrop! Being away from home is so hard sometimes because I’m an entire plane ride away and can’t go home without months of planning in advance, but the homesickness is definitely worth how much fun I have at school with my friends, my boyfriend, my roommates and my professors!

What is your involvement on campus?

I am involved in a ton of different things currently and I keep wanting to add more! It is funny, because when I was a freshman, my first semester I was totally not involved at all, which added a lot to me being homesick. But once I got involved, I did not even think about home and fell completely in love with all of my activities. 

That being said, to actually answer your question (I talk a lot hahaha) I am the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Campus Correspondent of Her Campus at Winthrop, soon to be the President of the online magazine. I am the graphics person for the new organization on campus known as “UP: Untapped Potential”. It is a club that helps the people who feel lost on campus, find a place. Whether it be the fencing club, working at Starbucks or joining a Greek organization, it helps give that extra push to people who need it.

Along with HC and UP, I’m the former Dream Girl of the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha, but still have kept my responsibilities as a Dream Girl—meaning that I still help with rush events, help do their social media and make their graphics for them alongside the PR brothers and current Dream Girl.

Next, I model for a lot of the art classes and for the advanced photography students and am actually in the photo gallery here on campus. Finally, I am a staff writer for both the Roddey McMillan Record and The Johnsonian here on campus. I also help make the graphics for The Johnsonian (and I made the graphics for the LIFT Conference happening in February—an event that I am actually speaking at too as an involved and inspired person on campus!) I am actually also thinking about joining the Creative Writing club here on campus and helping do the Radio Show too! I am so excited: it is so great to be involved!

What made you join Her Campus at Winthrop?

Like I said, my first semester freshman year I wasn’t involved at all. I was lonely, bored and homesick, and my boyfriend, John, decided to sign me up for a new organization called Her Campus at Winthrop. He told me I should go to the launch party—so I did. I fell in love, wrote a ton of articles as a staff writer/team member, and then was voted as the new Editor-in-Chief when Carolyn Rennix, one of the co-founders, got a job as EIC of The Johnsonian. It was such an awesome semester at HC before I became a head person in charge of the organization, but now being a leader, I’m having even more fun!

What’s your favorite thing about Her Campus at Winthrop?

I really think that being able to motivate and inspire the team as an editor and a leader, and then being able to be their friend too is my favorite part about HC. It’s not just a simple magazine where all we do is write—it’s a sisterhood of a ton of amazing girls who just happen to love to write too. I love how we can do work, build up our resumes and have fun all at the same time. 

What are you most excited for about being the next President for Her Campus at Winthrop?

I have really big shoes to fill; Catherine has done such an amazing job as being President of HC that I am somewhat nervous! But, she and I have been getting really sentimental lately because she is graduating soon and we’ve been talking about how proud we both are of each other. Together we built something so great! She taught me how to be a leader and how to manage my time and get involved, and I am excited to do that with my new girl and EIC. So, I think that that’s what I’m most excited about: forming a new relationship with a new girl, and having that same great friendship with them that Catherine and I had made (and still have) with each other. 

If you could write for any publication, who would it be and why?

That’s such a hard question for me to answer! I would honestly love to work at any of the big magazines—some of my tops would be The New Yorker, SELF, Seventeen Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and more.

At this point though, I would love to get a job literally ANYWHERE. There are so many great magazines, both big and small, that I would die to work for. I think that the best thing to do for now though, is just to know what I am good at, know what I want in life eventually and just go for it without thinking too much about it. 

I’ve realized that if you plan too much, you end up unhappy if it doesn’t go, just the way you want it to or the way you planned for it to. And, being the messy, creative writer that I am, nothing ever goes quite the way I plan it. Not poems, not articles, not fiction stories….so, I’ve decided I’m going to live life like I write: Take it sentence by sentence, day by day, not sure of the ending, but know it’ll be a good one. 

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