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Ed Sheeran’s New Album Ruined Our Lives

IT FINALLY HAPPENED. Ed Sheeran released his new album yesterday and we don’t think the world have ever been more amazing. We listened to the album all the way through and here are some of our thoughts on Ed’s latest masterpiece, Divide:

1. Eraser

The first track did not disappoint. Ed Sheeran’s rapping skills get us every time and we can’t help but swoon when he sings anything that tells a story of his life…. and that chorus!?!!!!?!!!!!! #Blessed


2. Dive

Alright Ed, we’re liking the smooth beat, unexpected but catchy AF. And once again with the killer chorus! Dive is definitely different than anything we have heard from Ed but one thing we love about this red haired singer songwriter is his infinite ability to to try out new styles and always make it good. Also, did you hear that guitar riff?! We.are.dead.



3. Perfect

Pre-listening thoughts: This song is called perfect and there is no doubt in our minds it will be perfect.

Thoughts during the song: Will we ever find love like the one Ed describes (probs not)….he just said he sees the future in her eyes, HE SEES THE FUTURE IN HER EYES… this hurts we do not deserve this.



4. Galway Girl

Seriously was sold on this song from the first note and he kept us in with his amazing rapping skills. Also does anybody know what that instrument was? We think we might be in love with it.


5. Happier

Pre-listening thoughts: This song is called happier but we feel like it is going to make us sadder.

Thoughts during the song: We were right, this one’s a tearjerker… Ed, why do you have to do this to us?



6. New Man

We really like the beat and it didn’t even make us  sad. Plus this song really shows that Ed is just like us; stalking his ex’s new boyfriend on insta, he is also extremely petty and we can’t get enough of it!! P.S. That girl def should have stayed with Ed.


7. Hearts don’t break around here

Wow this is good… and some hearts did break around here… OURS.



8. What do I know?

Anytime Ed Sheeran sings about his childhood we feel our souls leave our bodies. We don’t even know what to type about this song it is so good and positive and happy. We needed this…“Spread love and understanding, positivity” YES,  ED YES.


9. Supermarket Flowers:

Oh god

Oh god


This had us tearing up… honestly his voice sounds more angelic than usual in this song; we didn’t realize that was possible.


10. Barcelona:

TWO SECONDS IN AND WE ARE DEAD. We can also tell this is going to be our new jam out session song, also ED IS SPEAKING SPANISH THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Also, this is definitely a song to listen to on the beach…a beach in Barcelona if you’re lucky.



11. Bibia Be Ye Ye

We have no clue what his title means, but this tune is funky and fun and yet another great beach tune, we give it two thumbs up!


12. Nancy Mulligan

We love the tune, We love the story, this song is so cute, we are ugly crying.



13. Save myself

It hurts

It hurts

It hurts SO BAD



Overall, we are VERY shook by this new album. It was arguably Ed’s greatest work yet and all we have to say is:

Thanks Ed for always coming out with wonderful music that makes us feel a full range of emotions in less than two hours!


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