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The Easiest & Cheapest Everyday Drugstore Makeup Routine

I realized I have been spending way too much money on makeup that does not last. At first, I thought it was my primer or my finishing spray. I took away both products and still couldn’t figure out why my makeup couldn’t last. I was spending way too much money on “popular” products that I decided to switch it up a little. I also realized that I wasn’t buying the right drugstore products. I have found a quick an easy makeup routine that helps you save time and money!


Arches & Halos Angled Brow Shading Pencil & Maybelline Tattoo Studio Brow Pomade 

Eyebrows are my absolute favorite thing to do because I feel that is the first thing people look at other than your smile. Whichever you prefer, pencil or pomade, I have found the best drug store brands.

Conceal your brows

L. A. Girl PRO.Conceal

After I have finished with my eyebrows, I take this concealer and outline my brows to get the perfect shape. This step will make you do your eyebrows much longer at first because it takes a while getting used to, but it’s worth it. It gives you the perfect shape that you can’t get by just filling in your brows. 


Maybelline Fit me Matte Poreless liquid foundation 

Now that I have done my brows, I use my Fit Me liquid foundation for a full coverage over my eyebrow concealer and any other blemishes on my skin. 

Maybelline Fit me Matte Poreless pressed powder 

Even though the liquid foundation is a full coverage, I like to put a powder on top of it to give it a more natural look. You can apply this with the sponge it gives you or your own brush. 

Set & Contour

Maybelline Age Rewind concealer 

If i’m really feeling it, I move on to my contouring. I apply this to under my eyes, my nose, forehead, and my chin. One thing I don’t like about the concealer is that it is hard to open. But once you have it opened, it gives a full coverage and lasts a long time. 

Beauty Blender 

I know this is technically not a “drug store” product but you can still purchase it there. I use this after I conceal on all four spots of my face. 

Airspun Loose Face Powder (translucent powder)

Next, I get another wet beauty blender and apply translucent powder that I can only find in Walmart. I also apply this on top of the four places I concealed on my face. 


When I contour, it honestly depends on my day. I have only found one decent drugstore contour that actually works other than my Anastasia Contour Stick.


Maybelline Fit me Berry Baie Blush 

I just got into using blush because I couldn’t find one that looks right on my skin tone until I found, of course, the Maybelline one. I apply this on my cheeks and into my contour.


Milani Glowing/Rayonnante Strobelight Instant Glow Powder

We all want that natural glow and I have found the best drugstore highlight that will never make you want to switch highlights again. I align it on above my contour, the rim of my nose, and under my brow.


NYX Professional Ultimate Shadow

If we’re being honest, I absolutely hate doing my eyeshadow. Even though people say I do a good job of doing it, it is my least favorite. If I am doing an everyday makeup look I more than likely won’t put on eyeshadow, let alone contour my face. But If I am really feeling myself, I will use any of my NYX Professional Ultimate Shadow palettes. 

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara / Ardell lashes 

Finally, my eyelashes! If I do my eyeshadow, there’s a 9/10 chance that I will be putting on my Ardell lashes ‘wispies’. But If I am going for a more natural look, I will be using my Maybelline mascara.

Remember Collegiates, practice makes perfect. I hope you will consider trying my everyday makeup routine, because it works wonders! See you soon, xoxo.

Winthrop University Alumna | Integrated Marketing Communications | Past Campus Correspondent & Editor in Chief
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