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Dua Lipa Is The Pop Princess That We All Need

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

Dua Lipa is an Albanian singer-songwriter who resides in London and let’s just say that she is AHMazing. Seriously, this girl has the voice of an angel and lyrics that will really get you singing along.



Just this June, Lipa released her self titled album featuring ten pop songs that will really just blow you away. From girl power songs like ‘IDGAF‘ and ‘New Rules‘ to beautiful ballads like ‘Homesick‘, Lipa has us convinced that she can really do it all.

Her raspy voice and adorable exterior make for a really interesting package and her music is suitable for all different types of people.

Her most recent single, New Rules, has a music video that is breathtaking and eye catching, with deep nuanced meanings that really add a whole new layer to what just seems like a catchy tune about breaking up with a guy. It features girl on girl support and friendship, which is a refreshing twist to the relationships between women that is usually portrayed in music videos and other media sources.


Some Dua Lipa songs that you should listen to right now:

Blow your mind (mwah): This fun pop song is all about not caring what others think and living life on your own terms. It is filled with sass and a fun beat that is sure to get you singing along in no time.


IDGAF: the girl power ballad that we have all been waiting for.


Garden: a beautiful ballad that will get you feeling some type of way


But seriously, don’t sleep on Dua Lipa. She is definitely an up and coming artist to watch. I guarantee she can blow your mind.


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