Dorm Decor: 8 Design Tips to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

"I want to go home this weekend!" "I miss my bed." "My dorm room is so ugly." "I don't even know what I'm supposed to put up in my room."

How often have you heard (or said) these things? When everyone is simply trying to get through the hectic move-in wave, the idea of what your room will look like goes out the window.

Yes, you have boards and boards on Pinterest of how you'll arrange your pictures, all of the comforters and pillows you like, the rugs and the door decorations and this, that and the other. But when you're simply trying to get everything to physically fit in your room on top of all of your roommate or suitemates stuff, all of those ideas get pushed back. You and your family are simply trying to get through the day without having a break down or spending a fortune.

Once all the move-in day stress has died down, you're left with bare, cream colored walls with scratched paint and scuffed linoliem floors. What do you do now? How do you execute all of those Pinterest ideas? Well, why don't you try these tips?!

1. Choose a color scheme.

If your room is a random mish-mash of colors, stripes, flowers and tribal patterns, not only will it give you a headache, it will be hard to feel comfy and at peace when nothing is matching. Yes, you saw a pillow and it looked so fuzzy, but you ALSO saw that carpet with a really cool rainbow pattern. Before you purchase anything, take a step back.

Here's a simple equation for picking room colors: choose a pattern for your comforter, and then have the accessories in your room based off of the fabric. Or, vice versa. Get a solid colored comforter, and choose two or three other colors you want to compliment it. This formula is not strict! As you can see in the picture of my bedroom, I have a Lilly Pulitzer comforter and a tribal pattern tapestry.

When choosing a color or pattern, choose one that cultivates light. No, I'm not saying you cant have navy blue or black, but design your room to let light in. No one wants to sit in pitch black, and natural lights is much better than a halogen glare. Plus, it'll make you way happier and in a much better mood to have a #lit room. 

2. Choose your comforter, then pick matching accessories.

You will most likely use the same comforter throughout college, so choose one that you actually like. Remember the “equation” from above: if you get a plain comforter, you can decorate it with patterned pillows and vice versa. From there, work with your roommates to decide what color rugs, lamps and canvases to get to enhance the room.

3. Blankets and pillows...oh my!

The best way to make your room a place you want to relax in is to make it look like a good place to relax in! If your room has the space, get a foldable chair or a bean bag chair for next to your bed, and add a pillow and a blanket. You’ll have a comfortable place to do your homework and an extra seat for friends to come hangout!

4. Also, get a mattress topper. You’re going to hate sleeping in your room if you cant even fall asleep.

Sure, you may be exhausted from class--but the worst is when you're exhausted and can't even sleep. Make sure your bed is comfy and cozy!

5. Don’t forget to decorate the bathroom

Okay so this may not be applicable if you're living in a dorm with a hall style bathroom, but if you share a bathroom with suite mates or in a house, do not forget to decorate the bathroom! Most of the time, the bathroom is gross and dirty because sharing with a bunch of people always leads to a mess. However, a bright shower curtain, floor mat or trash can can help create a lively space instead of looking like a grunge fest.

6. Bring things from home.

The best way to make something FEEL homey is to make it LOOK homey. What is it about your bedroom back in your parents house that you loved? Bring those items or designs to life in your college room. If you had Christmas lights in one bedroom, bring them to hang in your new room!

7. Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Whether they're in a frame on your desk or taped to the wall, put up pictures of you and your best friends, your pets and your family members!

8. Don’t leave the walls bare.

Some people may think your room looks too “busy”, but nothing feels more drab than a bland, white wall. There’s no need to be squishing canvases and pictures on top of each other, but try to use the space on your walls as best as your can. If you plan to go through Greek rush, also remember that you Big Sister will probably swamp you with canvases, handmade picture frames and wall letters.

I hope these simple tips help you in your room decorating! Afterall, happy bedroom, happy you!