Dear Future Husband

One day, I was scrolling through Facebook and came upon a blog post by Jordan Lee, a girl who wrote an open letter to her future husband. She explained how throughout her life, up until she walked down the aisle, she wrote letters to her future husband and kept them in a little box. Her final letter to him as her "future" husband, was the one I was currently reading. She had saved herself and remained pure to him and decided to give all her letters to him for him to read. It was so inspiring. In fact, it was inspiring enough to write my own for my future husband. So, without further ado...

Dear Future Husband, 

Hey, it's me. Your super cool wife-to-be. It sounds so corny, but I think about you all the time. I wonder what you're doing, if you're up studying late for that class you hate, or if you're studying at all. Maybe you're already a working man. (Go you!) I wonder if you'll have brown or blue eyes, will you be tall or fun-sized like me? Of course, looks aren't everything but I constantly wonder what physical characteristics will you make you, you. I also wonder if we've ever met before. Have I locked eyes with you while walking across campus or are you halfway across the continent? Either way, I just wanted to say that I love you.

I'm sure you already know that, considering you are my future husband and all--but you can never say it enough.

First, I want to say I'm sorry. I'm sorry for getting sassy with you when you won't let me watch my favorite TV shows because your favorite show is on. I'm sorry for selfishly putting my needs first, when it was so clear you should come first. I'm sorry for being angry at you for something stupid, that I'll probably get over in 5 minutes. I also want to apologize for anytime I will fail you as a wife. I'm sure they'll be plenty of times where I screw up or frustrate you, so I want to apologize. I'm still new at this, and so are you, so it'll take a while to work the kinks out. Mostly, I'm sorry for eating all the ice cream without telling you. (That'll happen a lot.)

Second, I want to thank you for being there for me. I've probably cried about stupid things, and stressed over stuff you probably wouldn't bat an eye at. But yet, here we are, you haven't ran yet, which is a win in my book. I want to thank you for pursuing a life with a crazy person like me. It's going to be hard, and at times, I'm sure we'll both want to throw the towel in and just quit. But we obviously go well together, so we'll make it through.

I want to thank you for being selfless. For putting my needs first, whatever they may be. I want to thank you for your unending patience and self-control. Oh, how easy it'll be to lose your temper at me...but, I want to thank you for remaining calm when you want to scream. I want to thank you for playing with my hair, because you'll do that a lot. It feels so dang good. I want to thank you for watching Disney movies like High School Musical and knowing all the words. And when you don't, making them up. Hey, at least you tried.

Third, I'm already blown away by the amount of love I already have for you. By the time we meet, and eventually fall in love, it'll be overwhelming. Which is just a small representation of the amount of love God has for us. I'm so ready to pursue a relationship with you, but I'm even more excited to pursue a relationship together with God. I pray for you often and hope that you're safe and making decisions that in the future, will bring us together, whenever and wherever that might be. 

Also, I'm sure you already know a lot about me. You better, considering you're marrying me! So you should know that you'll never have spaghetti unless your order it or have it cooked elsewhere. If you decide to make it, there better be a plan B. Also, you'll have to cut on Disney Channel after a scary movie or else we'll be up all night because I'm too scared to sleep. I hope you have a love for animals, because I'm sure we'll have a dog. Or twenty. There is no inbetween. Maybe even a cat, who knows?

I'm so high-maintenance, aren't I? 

So, anyways, to close out this letter to you, I hope you're doing well and that you're living life to the fullest while fervently pursuing me. Because I'll be doing the same. Gosh, I can't wait to meet you. I love you.

Waiting oh-so-impatiently,

Your Future Wife