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Why wait until the new year to get your life together? For me, decluttering various aspects of my life is a must. It’s seriously far more beneficial than I could have ever imagined. When you’re young, you don’t fully understand the impact of certain choices you make. You assume life happens to you and you have no control over what goes down, but the gag is… YOU DO! As you learn and mature, it’s up to you to recognize the power of prioritization. The choices you make may seem small and insignificant at first, but as time progresses the decisions you make build on one another and form habits that shape your reality. Decluttering your life is an important part of striving towards your highest self, as it acts as a never ending form of self care. There’s levels to this! Here are a few ways you can implement decluttering into your life. 

Physical Decluttering : Put on your playlist and get to scrubbing! 

  • Physical cleaning is the most obvious and common way to cleanse your space. For me personally, when I’m in a room that isn’t clean I literally feel a difference. Being a college student, there is already so much going on in my head that could potentially contribute to stress and fatigue. The last thing I need is for my physical environment to reflect that. For me, once a month seems to be my sweet spot for deep cleaning my room. I put the date of my last cleanse in the notes app on my phone so I am able to see exactly how long it has been. While this occurs on a monthly basis, I tidy up my room and complete small actions like making my bed, sweeping the floor, and taking out trash on a weekly basis. Of course all of this is subjective so do what works best for you! 

Technological Decluttering : Digital Detox 

  • This is one of the more slept-on methods of cleansing. Seeing as social media practically rules our lives nowadays, it is important to know what and why you are consuming what you’re consuming. Unfollow accounts that don’t positively contribute to your wellbeing. Block who you need to and don’t be scared to hold firm on that boundary. Sort, organize, and delete files and documents that you don’t need anymore. Go through those photo albums that you’ve been meaning to look at. Technology serves as a major component in how society advances, so making sure your digital space is one you feel comfortable in is always the right move. 

Emotional and Mental Decluttering : Mind over matter

  • This method is arguably the most essential way to declutter your life, as it sets the foundation for how you feel about yourself and the world around you. When you are troubled with the burdens of life and have no effective coping mechanisms, you then begin to feel the physical effects. As a result, you then care less about external matters mentioned such as how your home looks and what you observe online. It’s the ultimate domino effect. Cleansing your mental space includes taking time and space to truly come to terms with your feelings. It entails removing yourself from individuals and situations that do not benefit you. It means focusing more on what you want and less on the wants of others. Prioritizing your mental health is never selfish, as it’s what will keep you afloat during hard times. 

As you can see, there are several ways you can declutter various aspects of your life. Decluttering may seem like a chore at first, but I promise the outcome is always worth it. 10/10 would recommend. 

Yasmine Mobley

Winthrop '23

Hey everyone! I'm a junior business major and aspiring fashion designer <3
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