Cute and Easy Nail Ideas for the Remainder of Fall

Fall and colder weather is upon us, Collegiettes! That means time to break out the cute scarves, cardigans, boots and nail designs! But, if you are tired of searching through your Pinterest for fall nail ideas, you can rest easy! Here is a list of simple nail designs you can try this fall.

Candy Corn Nails

These look great on either your fingers or your toes! If you don't feel like painting every single nail like a candy corn, you can paint one and then paint the rest a solid color like orange.

Turkey Nails

Even if you can't make a little turkey on your finger, the small stripes of color look cute and very autumn-themed for your nails!

Ombre Nails

There are hundreds of YouTube videos on how to ombre your nails, and it's fairly simple to do! Just grab some of your fall nail polish colors and look up how to ombre your nails.

Glitter Nails

This design is so easy to get creative with! You can put glitter all over all of your nails, just at the crest, only on one nail, etc.

French Tip Nails

This is also an easy design to get creative with, because you can easily switch up what colors you use.

Scarecrow Nails

These nails are cute for all of fall! Even if you can't make the scarecrow face, the patches alone are super cute!

Happy fall, Collegiettes! We hope to see some festive fingernails around campus!