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Cosmopolitan Magazine Through The Ages

With SoCosmo only a few days away, we’re taking a look at Cosmo over it’s 100+ year history. In 1886, The Cosmopolitan, a family magazine was founded. It changed to a literary magazine years later and since the late 1960s, Cosmo has been a women’s magazine. They have now grown to be one of the most popular women’s magazines in history. As of 2011, Cosmo had a U.S. circulation of over 3 million.

So, here we go ladies. It’s time to take a look at the evolution of Cosmopolitan Magazine in honor of SoCosmo airing on February 8th on E!

1896 cover just 10 years after The Cosmopolitan was founded

A 1929 cover of Cosmopolitan magazine; just look at that art work

Fall 1965 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine; a newly named women’s magazine

1975 Christmas edition of Cosmo


1988 cover- oh the good old 80’s


1991 cover; I’m loving that dress


2004 cover with a super young Kiera Knightley


2010 cover; work it Shakira


2017 issue with Hilary Duff- this is what dreams are made of

There you have it collegietes! Don’t forget to watch SoCosmo on E! February 8th at 8pm!

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