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Is The Charcoal and Black Sugar Mask Worth The Cheap Price Tag?

Do you want to have soft, smooth skin for a fraction of the cost to visit a salon? Yeah, me too. Well, I have found a perfect compromise!

The Charcoal & Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask by Freeman Feeling Beautiful is what every hipster, cheap yet stylish collegiette needs!


I have always been the type of girl to refuse trips to the nail salon or spa because of the price and overall hype of it all. So, I try out many different types of face masks and use an organic one on a weekly basis, which ends up being pretty expensive.

I’m always up to try free beauty products, so when Emily and Ann Marie, the President and Editor-in-Chief at Her Campus Winthrop, offered some of us girls free products to test, I happily volunteered myself as tribute.

The products I usually use have to be made of certain materials and suitable for sensitive or dry skin types since I have psoriasis and I don’t want to walk around looking like a dried up piece of fruit!



Due to my cautious nature with beauty products I was hesitant to try this mask and went about using it as precisely and accurately as possible, I followed the directions exactly.


The first thing I noticed about this mask was that it was a charcoal one, how much more 2017 hipster can you get?

Then, when I opened the product I was somewhat disappointed as the texture was a grainy, thick one compared to my usual smooth and thin layered routine.

Despite my shock, I continued with the trial and left it on for exactly 5 minutes as the mask said (it claims 5-7 minutes but I decided to play it safe in case of any unwarranted reactions).

While the face mask sat on my face I was unsatisfied as I felt no tingling or reaction of any kind occurring. However, when I finally wiped the mask off, I saw an immediate improvement.



My face was much less red and had an overall brighter complexion. The dryness that I usually have to combat with a weekly routine was improved fairly quickly and my pores seemed to diminish which I don’t think this mask even claimed to do.

The smoothness lasted about 3 days which makes sense because the retailer says that it should be done 2 times a week. This timeline is sort of disappointing compared to the actual effects of the product.

Overall, I would give this face mask an 8/10 for the hidden bonus of diminishing my pores and reducing redness. This mask lacks in the lasting effects and the fact that you would have to reapply twice a week.


I would definitely try this mask again and maybe even a different product by this company, but for now I will stick to my weekly routine, for convenience, until I get a chance to try something new. This mask is perfect any collegiette wanting an easy, cheap and effective product for a quick result.

Hi! I'm an aspiring writer working on her Mass Communications degree at Winthrop University! I write for multiple publications on campus and am so excited to be a part of this wonderful team with an amazing group of girls!
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