Build Your Businesswoman Wardrobe: 10 Types of Clothing You'll Need in the Real World

Graduating college? Entering the real world soon? Scared AF? Yeah... SAME. So, I’m here to help both of us get prepared for what to WEAR in the workplace! Might as well stress out in style, am I right?

1. Classic Blazer/Suit: 

When Ariana Grande said God is a woman, she was talking about a woman in a business suit. The best suits to buy are matching ones, in my opinion! Make sure they’re on the darker side; charcoal gray, black, navy blue, etc. For a first impression type thing—don’t wear a patterned suit! As for blazers, they look good professionally or business casual(so I suggest to always have one just in case)!



Rule 1 of buying blouses for work related reasons: Always make sure to buy a white dress shirt/ white button down! This shirt will literally go with anything and everyone looks good in one – literally everyone. As for other kinds of shirts, I recommend safe-for-work tank tops, Chiffon-style blouses, and anything (make sure it’s appropriate for work of course) with STRIPES! Have fun with patterns too, but make sure they’re a little muted. Make that impression, sister. 


You know what’s great about midi skirts? They don’t ride up your a** when you’re sitting down, you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing it away and everyone seeing your Calvin Klein undies, and they’re just super cute and comfy. On the other hand, pencil skirts and classic, sexy, and professional- just make sure they’re appropriate length. Leave the cute miniskirts for the club at home, ladies! 


Admit it- you’re lazy with your outfits sometimes. Well good news! Dresses are a great “lazy” article of clothing. Easy to put on, take off, and style! And they’re comfortable! Make sure to have a variety of dresses like sweater dresses, sheath dresses, and more. Go for more solid and neutral colors for business professional. For business casual, go all out with those patterns and colors!



The multiway scarf is such an innovative invention. Cold at work? Turn it into a poncho. Going out after work? Turn it into a casual shirt. It even has the ability to be worn as a head scarf! Yes multiway scarf work it, we love diversity! As for work, I’d suggest wearing it as a scarf or a cover up! 



Cardigans are amazing because you can literally wear them all year round without getting TOO hot or cold. They look great with pretty much anything: work pants, collared blouses, skirts, even jeans! We don’t deserve cardigans, they’re too good for this world. 



Jumpsuits are technically just a shirt and pants sewn together so it’s like a 2 in1! Who doesn’t want that?! Jumpsuits are super fun to wear – until you have to go to the bathroom and then you get really naked. Other than that, they’re cute for a business casual look and they can be styled with a nice jacket, a cute pair of heels, and light jewelry. 


Unlike blouses and suits, you’re allowed to play with creativity and patterns with work pants. Wanna wear polka dot dress pants and a blouse? Do it! Striped pants with a cardigan and flats? Who’s stopping ya?! If you didn’t already know, Cigarette pants are the more popular type of work pants (I didn’t know this before…I didn’t even know they were called Cigarette pants). Have fun mixing and matching, girlies!



Trench coats are so stylish, aren’t they? They make me feel like a detective, ya know? But alas, I never know when or where to wear them. Turns out, the work place is a great place to wear one! So, fellow trench coat lovers that are heading out into the real world, go crazy!


If you’re on your feet all day, high heels are gonna kill ya. Unless you’d prefer style over comfort – completely up to you! Neutral or black flats/low heels are your best bet for work but if you’re feeling brave enough to wear those red-heeled Louboutin’s go for it! But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I hope this helped out a little bit in your search for business attire. Good luck out in the workplace, Collegiettes, and go conquer the world like the boss babes you are!