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A Brief Goodbye Letter to My Junior Year of College

Dear Junior Year,

Well, its been real fun…

Actually, that’s a lie. It’s been real, it’s been fun, but it has not been real fun. It has been a nightmare.

With all of the countless all-nighters, the stressed till you cry days, the dreaded “Have you planned for after graduation next year?” questions, this year has been a doozie to say the least.

Junior year is ironic. It’s the year that’s a relief, yet at the same time it’s the most stressful one. You’re so close to being a senior and graduating, but you’re also taking all of the harder upper level classes in your major that require 20 more hours out of your week that you don’t have to complete assignments.

But I have learned very some valuable (but not so valuable) life lessons from this year:

I’ve learned that the financial aid office is still a place on campus to be afraid of.

I’ve learned that junior year is the year to officially not give a crap what you look like while walking around campus (hello sweats and messy buns).

I’ve learned that eating in Thomson dining hall… wait, what’s that again?

I’ve learned that telling a suitemate you want to hang out with them more, means them moving out of your apartment instead.

And from my countless nights of doing homework (aka watching TV while I procrastinate), I’ve learned that Chrisley does in fact, know best.

However, there are actually some good things that I have taken away from you, junior year. I have learned the importance of being a supportive friend and valuing friendships. I have learned that no matter how much professors may get on your nerves, they really do want you to succeed. And one of the biggest things I’ve learned is that preparing for after graduation is scary, but college is here to help you with resumes and finding the right job path for you.

So here’s to you, junior year. It’s been real, it’s been fun, but it has definitely not been real fun.


AN ALMOST SENIOR (whoop whoop!)

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