The *Best* Moments From the Last 12 Years of "Grey's Anatomy"

Its hard to believe that it's been 12 years since the premiere of "Grey's Anatomy".

For us diehard fans, it feels like just yesterday that Derek and Meredith were just a guy and a girl in a bar. 

So many crazy things have happened since Season 1. With the help of my equally obessed twin sister and her boyfriend, we came up with the best/craziest/saddest moment from each of the last 13 seasons to celebrate the wild ride we've been on! 

These moments are entirely my opinion. As fans, we all know how many crazy, happy, sad and shocking moments can (and do) happen in one episode alone, not to mention an entire season. Be sure to tweet us @hcwinthrop and let us know your favorite "Grey's" moments! 

Season 1: Derek and Meredith meeting in Emerald City Bar. 

Hands down, don't @ me. This will always be my favorite scene EVER. 

Season 2: I'm a sucker for MerDer scenes. Who else cries when Meredith begs Derek to choose her?!?

That is my favorite scene from season 2 for sure!

This is also the season when Izzie cuts Denny's LVAD wire, we find out Derek is married to Addison and Meredith sticks her hand inside a guy with a bomb in his chest. Season 2 was definitely the best season of "Grey's". 

Season 3: When Meredith gives up and drowns.

While Meredith is between life & death, her mother, Ellis, finally tells Meredith that she is anything but ordinary. She feels accepted by her mother for the first time and I'm not crying, you are. 

Season 4: Meredith and her candle house.

The stupid, embarassing, corny thing that she did. It made her feel like a lame a** loser...but ugh, my heart. 

Season 5: The death of .007.

Technically George dies in the 1st episode of Season 6 but all the drama goes down in the season 5 finale. Who else was absolutely shook when Meredith realized George was John Doe, because I was. 

Honorable mention: Meredith and Derek's elevator proposal! 

Season 6:  The hospital shooting.

Meredith miscarries and put herself in front of a crazy man wielding a gun. Derek fakes his own death. It was nuts. 

Season 7: The musical "Chasing Cars" episode.

Every true Grey's fan knows exactly what i'm talking about. It was a little weird tbh. 

Season 8: The plane crash.

This will forever be one of the saddest, craziest moments in Grey's history. This totally changed everything for all of our favorite characters (except Alex Karev who totally should've been on that plane and lost his leg instead of Arizona.)

Season 9: Bailey skips out on her wedding to save Richard's wife Adele.

This was such a shocking, unexpected death. So sad. 

Season 10: Cristina Yang leaves.

Meredith and her person dance it out one last time. 

Season 11: In season 11, the worst thing imaginable happens.

A lot of lives have been lost in the 10 seasons prior but in season 11, Shonda Rimes kills off McDreamy. Like he dies for real. He's really gone and "Grey's" has never been the same. 

Season 12: When Callie started dating Penny and got her a job at the hospital.

(Yes the same Penny that let Derek die) I wasn't happy about it and neither was Meredith or Amelia...or anyone but Callie, really. 

Well, since season 13 hasn't ended yet, I've decided that the craziest, best, saddest and most memorable moment was still to be determined!

I now have this weird desire to start "Grey's Anatomy" from the begining and relive every crazy, heartbreaking, shocking, exciting moment all over again!

Heres to the next 13 seasons, Grey's fans!