Being a Winthrop Ambassador

I always knew after being an ambassador in high school that it was something that interested me. Upon my acceptance to Winthrop University I looked at the different clubs and organizations I could join, hoping to see ambassadors organization was one. 

Long behold it was (and Her Campus was too!)

So I got to campus, went to convocation and signed up, went to the interest meeting, applied, became a jr. Ambassador and bam I was finally a WINTHROP AMBASSADOR!

I love being an ambassador because I can show my pride and love for Winthrop

Putting the polo and name tag on and walking to Joynes waiting on the potential students and their parents is the funniest and weirdest feeling ever.

It brings back flashbacks to when I was a junior in high school and came to tour Winthrop (that was when I really ended up falling in love with Winthrop).

It is fun standing around with other ambassadors talking getting to know each other before you start a tour.

And oh the nerves and butterflies you get once they tell you who you are taking on a tour. All you want is the students and parents to like the campus as much as you.

Oh I pray too that I won’t mess up while giving the tour or say something wrong! 

It seems scary but we always get reminded they do not know what we are supposed to say so if we mess up, it is okay!

Yes at times, it can be time consuming or sometimes I do not want to go to an ambassador meeting or training but getting to share the love and joy is super rewarding and makes it all worth it.

If you’re interested, go for it! You only have four years to share your love, so start sharing it now!