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Bed Head Masterpiece Shine Hairspray: Yay or Nay?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Winthrop chapter.

Hello, collegiettes! As some of you may know, every year the Her Campus National Board sends out campus survival kits to individual chapters that are jam packed full of awesome goodies. These products range from hair products, to skin products, and this year they even included five On the Go Erin Condren LifePlanners!

With all these amazing products at our disposal, we have decided to do a few fun and exciting activities to help get you all hyped up!


First, Her Campus at Winthrop will be hosting 3 giveaways in which winners will receive some of these amazing products. If you’d like to enter our giveaway (which just so happens to be those awesome Erin Condren planners), click this link and follow the directions. 

Second, Her Campus at Winthrop will also be reviewing some of the products we receive in order to give you all a heads up on whether or not we think they are worth your money – this is where I come in. 

I was lucky enough to test out the Masterpeice Shine Hairspary from Bed Head. A 9.5 oz can of this hairspray retails for $23 on Ulta.com, BUT it is currently on sale for just $7.99. Ulta’s description of this products states that “Massive Shine Hairspray gives serious hold, adds body and resists humidity while guarding against dryness. Holds any style. Good for any hair length and texture.” Now, these are some pretty bold claims. 

I, being the hairspray fanatic that I am, decided to put their claims to the test. 

Before I get into my thoughts on the product, let me give a little background info on my hair type. I have extremely fine, thin, and wispy hair. It is normally pretty hard to find hairspray that actually holds style in my hair, especially when it is windy or humid outside. BUT, with that being said, I actually enjoyed this product quite a bit

So here is what the product looks like, and first of all, let me tell you how good this stuff smells. I sprayed it the first time and I was so surprised by the fact that it smells pretty similar to a strawberry banana smoothie. Also, the range that the actual spray has is awesome. Spraying it from one position covered about half of my hair. 


On the left we have a picture of my natural hair (washed the night before and allowed to air dry – so yes, you’re getting a firsthand look at my very own bed head). On the right we have a picture of my hair after being curled and sprayed with the Shine Masterpiece hairspray. 

At first glance, I was pretty impressed.

Right off the bat, the hairspray’s hold was a little too strong for my taste – prefer a hairspray that doesn’t make my hair feel crunchy, but after combing through it with my fingers, I was decently satisfied. In order to test the hold of the hairspray, I left my hair alone for about eight hours. The pictures below show the difference between my hair at 8am freshly styled, and at 4pm after wearing it down all day AND going to the gym for about an hour and a half

While the curls have obviously dropped, I still wasn’t totally dissatisfied with the final results. There was still a decent amount of wave to my hair, and despite getting sweatier than I’d like to admit, my hair didn’t clump together. The only claim I failed to validate was the extra shine this hairspray was supposed to provide – I really didn’t see a discernable difference in the shininess of my hair after using it. 


All in all, I’d give this product a solid 7/10.

The smell is awesome, the hold was pretty long lasting, and the texture wasn’t too rough. A big thanks to nationals for sending us these products, and a big thanks to you, collegiettes, for reading our reviews! Stay tuned for more! 

Nicholle Lewis

Winthrop '20

 Nicholle is a junior biology major with a minor in psychology and Winthrop University. In addition to being Editor in Cheif for Her Campus at Winthrop, she is an honors student, an undergraduate research assistant, a member of the fraternal conduct board, and a sister of Delta Zeta. In her free time, Nicholle enjoys reading, hiking, yoga, and meeting new dogs. When asked what her favorite aspect of Her Campus is, Nicholle replied "I love Her Campus because if has helped me learn to not only find my own voice, but to use it to connect with so many people I wouldn't have met otherwise." 
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