Bad at Scheduling? Give This a Read.

Hello friends! I often find it very hard to make and stick to my own schedule sometimes, so I am writing this article to help any of you who may feel the same way. I’m going to breakdown a typical school day and how I spread out my day. 


Good morning! I usually wake up around 8:30 a.m. each morning. Then I allow myself around 30-45 minutes to actually get out of bed and wake up. This can change depending how I’m feeling when I wake up. Schedules can be flexible, so listen to your body. If you need an extra 15 minutes, take it!

Good morning written in coffee Photo by Jonas Mohamadi from Pexels

Eat Something 

Next is a super important step. It’s time to eat! I will usually grab a granola bar and take my daily vitamins at this time. It is really important to eat and drink something after you wake up so your body can prepare itself for the upcoming day!

Exercise (Body or Brain)

Next up is exercise. I usually try to go to the gym in the morning or do some yoga to help wake myself up and to start my day feeling energized. On my rest days, or on days when I’m not feeling it, I will take this time in the morning to read and get up to date with the news/ current events. Remember, it is just as important to exercise your brain as it is to exercise your body!


I didn’t used to be a person who liked showering in the mornings, but showering after the gym is a must for me. Showering in the morning also helps me to start off my day in a good mood feeling clean.

Lunch Time!

By now it is usually lunch time or a little before. I usually use this time to look over my assignments for the day, to get dressed, and to eat some lunch. If I’m feeling really productive sometimes I will clean or do my laundry as well. This is when my work really starts.

Classes and Work

After lunch is my prime grind time. I will typically be in class or work on course work until 5 or 6, making sure to take breaks in between classes. I have found that keeping my schedule written on sticky notes and writing my assignments in my planner have really helped me to hold myself accountable for each day. I try to have my class work and homework finished before dinner, but that doesn’t always happen because I am a procrastinator.

woman typing on laptop in cafe Photo by Bonnie Kittle from Unsplash

Dinner Time!

My favorite part of the day. Dinner is my reward for working hard and paying attention in my classes throughout the day. Dinner is also when I get to recharge my social battery with my friends.

Me Time 

How I spend my time after dinner varies each day. If it is a weekday usually I will hangout and relax with my friends while watching tv and catching up with each other. If it is a weekend I will usually have plans and fun activities to do as a reward for making it through the week. Because I am a pretty extroverted person, I like to spend my me time around others. If that isn’t your thing, I would suggest setting aside some time for self care, a movie night with yourself, or a phone call with a close friend (or maybe a Netflix party?).

Time to Wind Down

This is when I get back from hanging out with my friends and start to wind down for the night. If I have any assignments I didn’t complete before dinner, this is when I finish them. This time is also when I work in my self care (if I have time). I will start to get ready for bed and do my skincare as well during this time. 

Get Some Sleep

One of the most important steps to keeping a balanced schedule is getting adequate sleep. Try to go to bed around the same time every night and wake up around the same time each morning. Getting enough sleep is one of the most important ways to have enough energy for the next day.


Just because this type of schedule works for me, does not mean it will necessarily work for you. Keeping a successful schedule is hard, so don't feel discouraged if one isn't working for you. Just keep trying until you find one that works well for you. The most important part of keeping a schedule is to listen to your body. If you need a nap at 3:30 in the afternoon everyday, take that nap. If something doesn’t feel right, reflect on how you are budgeting your time and adjust accordingly.