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It’s time for the dreaded advising week, collegiettes!!


Use these five tips to stay ahead of advising and get the classes you want! 


1. Schedule An Appointment With Your Advisor:

First things first, you must schedule an appointment with your advisor. They are going to be the ones to keep you on the right track and answer all questions that may pop up. Sometimes professors will use a student advisor to help out, but either way, they will send out an email that will consist of time slots for you to sign up!! BEWARE, these slots do go fast! 


2. Ask Questions:

During your meeting don’t be afraid to ask questions. There is never a stupid question when it comes to advising. 


3. Plan!! 

Have an idea of what classes you would need and want to take. Planning involves knowing how many classes you want to take as well as knowing which professors you will not take again and if any friends are on board for that online class you are too scared to take alone. Planning makes it easier on you as well as your advisor. 


4. Use Degree Works:  

For anyone who does not know where to find Degree Works, there is a link on the left side of your wingspan account. Degree Works shows you all the classes, that are required, have taken or are currently in the process of taking. If you are ever considering switching a major or minor. There is a way to check “What if” I was a “business major” with a minor in “biology” and see what classes would still count.


5. Rate Your Professors: 

Maybe you have a certain learning style, do not have money to buy a textbook, or just want an easier professor this semester. Ratemyprofessors.com takes comments from students about professors at Winthrop. They have comments from the level of teaching difficulty to the level of hotness your peers believe the professor to be.


Do not forget to check when you register!!

You can find the link for registering times and dates, HERE. If you miss your 8 am register slot, that can possibly mean missing out on that awesome psychology class everyone has been talking about. 

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