All About Khloe

As a renowned “dog person,” I would have never imagined adopting a cat. But once my boyfriend rescued his cat, I got a taste of what it was like to be a mother. A kitty mother, of course! I had to have one for myself. I knew that I had limited pet options as a college student living in a small three-bedroom house. But the unconditional love that Gary (my boyfriend’s kitty) showed him was something that I wanted for myself.

 I never considered wanting cats before; I even avoided them. I told myself and everyone around that I don’t like cats that much. I believe I referred to them as “creepy.” I obviously spoke too soon, as I now need to pet every single cat I come across. Once I spent time with a kitty, all of my previous ideas changed to completely pro-cat. They are low maintenance, calm yet playful, and cuddly. I loved cuddling with Gary and playing with kitty toys with him.

Having a kitty relaxing around your room gives you a certain kind of company that is hard to come by with humans or dogs. They don’t expect anything from you, but love on you from time to time. You can give them pets, but they also like their own space. Cats are extremely independent, making them good pets for college students.

Once I decided that I want a kitty of my own to keep me company, I knew exactly where I wanted to adopt it from. My boyfriend took his cat to a great rescue in Cincinnati (where he lives), Ohio Alleycat Rescue. They specialize in spaying and neutering cats for an extremely low price, but they also hold adoptions. Their facility is wonderful, and the kitties are put in spacious rooms with only a few in each room to give them enough space. They also foster out a lot of cats to clear up space for more. The rescue truly cares about cats; providing proper healthcare and surgeries for cats in need. They take in many special needs kitties and provide them with the necessary care, and I knew that I had to adopt from them.

I was following OAR on Instagram for months, but one day they posted about a miniature kitty that caught my eye. Her name was Lily, and she was a dwarf kitty with some health problems. She was a senior, and I decided that I wanted to give her a good last few years in a loving home. I was following Lily’s health journey along with her foster mom until it was time to adopt her. I flew into Cincinnati with plans to get her the first weekend of June. Once I landed in Cincy, my boyfriend immediately told me that he just got word that Lily passed away. She was loved by her foster mom, but I was devastated. I cried for hours, but decided that I was still going to adopt a kitty that weekend.

When we visited the animal rescue, we first came across a litter of kittens. I decided that I did not want a senior kitty anymore because I didn’t want to go through the pain of losing a cat again- even though Lily was never officially mine. Kittens was a strong option, but I was also open to younger adult cats. After playing with both; my boyfriend convinced me to get one of the adorable 10-week old babies that originally were from South Carolina. A match made in heaven, right? It was enough to convince me, and I held all of the kittens in the litter until one felt right.

 I decided that Khloe (Kayla when I adopted her) was the sweetest. Her little grey and white stripes were beautiful, and she didn’t want me to put her down. I immediately felt like I was her Mom. She was the biggest in her litter, but I loved her sweet personality and the way that she didn’t try to bite or scratch. We adopted her quickly, and took her home with us. I fell in love with her, and thought (still do) about her all day long when I was gone.

Khloe was the best decision I could have made; as her sweet personality and playfulness gets me through the stresses of college. I wake up to her licking my face or sharing my pillow, and my heart fills with gratitude and love. My kitty does not require very much, but I strive to give her the best life I possibly can. I am so happy to have a buddy through my college years and beyond! I highly recommend adopting a cat from your local shelter or rescue, young or old. They are such delicate and loving animals, not to mention the easiest to take care of.