Adorable Japanese 'Pet Retirement Home' Is Open For Aging Animals

According to research done at the Explore Health Careers website, “Geriatric staff nurses focus on caring for older adults.” With the US Population growing and staying alive for longer amounts of time, the need for geriatric staff nurses are in higher demand, which is why getting into the field of geriatrics will be very beneficial and secure for the future. 

The Explore Health Careers website notes that, “…by 2050 more than 20% of Americans – 88 million people – will be over age 65”, meaning that America needs more qualified nurses to care for the elderly.

But, geriatrics for elder humans isn’t the only job in high demand.

NowThis, a News and Media Website that shares videos and articles via Facebook, recently had a video that went viral about a “pet retirement home”.

This pet retirement home is located in Japan and opens a home to old dogs that can no longer walk or have owners who can no longer care for them.

In the NowThis video it shares that, “Aging dogs are a challenge in Japan [because] there are 16 million kids and 20 million pets.”

To learn more about the Pet Retirement Home and facts about the aging dogs it shelters, check out THIS VIDEO!

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