The Absolute Best Ways to Stay Awake During Class

Welcome back to school Collegiettes! We hope you had a fun and restful break...and, speaking of restful, transitioning from sleeping in all break to waking up early for those 8 AM classes can be tough. Really tough. You may have actually found yourself having trouble staying awake in some of your classes because of this--so we are bringing you tips on how to stay awake and alert in class!

Focus on your posture

Sitting up straight is important for your body, and focusing on your posture will help your body to be more alert and feel less sleepy.

Take off your jacket

Try to keep yourself cold. You are less likely to fall asleep or feel sleepy when you feel chilly.

Bring a water bottle to class

Drinking water frequently will help you wake up and feel more focused in class.

Sit up front

You’re less tempted to drift off when you’re within an arm’s reach from your professor.

Chew gum or something crunchy

This will help you to stay awake. If you don’t have gum, chew on some pretzels or peanuts.

Take a bathroom break

Getting up and walking will help wake your body up. You can even splash some water on your face to help wake yourself up.

Interact with your professor

Greet your professor when he/she enters the room and try to ask questions when possible. This will force your body to wake up.

Move your body

    You can do little things like wiggle your toes, bounce your legs, and tug on your earlobes.

Even though these are great ways to stay awake in class, the best way to stay awake is to get a good night's sleep and eat right!

Have a great semester, Collegiettes!